Siebel: The Undisputed Leader

There are reasons Siebel is the leader in customer relationship management software. Its products are technically sound and its interface is top-notch. It’s setting the pace with CRM products tailored for industries such as retail and auto. And it pays close attention to what its customers think—going so far as

Why Osram Stuck with SAP

INTERACTIVE TOOL Moving to an enterprise portal? Download labor estimates (Excel) and project tasks (MS Project). PDF download of both files  The Internet had arrived and Osram wanted to extend its business electronically, taking orders over the Web from its 3,000 distributors on the continent. Osram had decided it would

SAP: Technical Virtuoso

SAP is a relentless $6.4 billion seller of complex software to large corporations. If customers find any fault with the company, it’s that SAP doesn’t always deliver the sort of clear product roadmap that customers ask for. Some CIOs, who need exact details about current products and specific knowledge about

The Bottom Line Per … Don Sunderland

Don Sunderland arrived in 1999 as chief information officer of Edison Schools, a for-profit company that runs 136 public elementary and secondary schools from Chula Vista, Calif., to Baltimore. A former managing director in charge of global technology for derivative products at Union Bank of Switzerland, Sunderland’s current job gave

The Twin Challenges of Succeeding as CIO

Throughout my career, I’ve made it a point to understand every aspect of the business I’m in, and understand what the customer wants from my business. Growing up in a small town in the South, I was fortunate to have been raised by my grandfather, who owned and operated a

When a Project’s ROI Can’t Be Pinpointed

We spend a lot of time at Baseline thinking about the business case—the often-sensible requirement that technology initiatives must be demonstrable winners, paying for themselves by returning more cash than they consume. These sorts of analyses not only let companies choose among technology initiatives, they put such initiatives on an

Bad Software Can “Enronize” Anyone

“Kenny Boy” Lay and his cohorts at Enron sold the world on a badly flawed company, whose innards were twisted beyond reclamation, but were beyond their responsibility. Or so they would claim. So, in the extreme, can it be with companies producing defective computer software. What is the difference between

Voice of Experience: Charles Irsch, Centex Homes

Charles IrschCentex HomesVice President, Information SystemsDallas, Manager’s Profile: Irsch held a variety of information technology posts and worked as a consultant at Arthur Andersen & Co. before joining Centex in 1996. He holds B.A. and M.B.A. degrees from Southern Methodist University in Dallas. Why He’s Using CRM: Data consolidation.

Getting a Handle on Biometrics

What is it?In today’s usage, technology that uses unique biological attributes, such as fingerprints or iris patterns, to identify a person. How does it work?A system consists of an input or reader device, stored biometric data on known users and software that performs matches. Rather than storing a complete picture

Can Tech Protect Food from Terror Attacks?

American consumers may always have harbored a low-level worry that the produce they buy will be less than fresh, or the raw meat tainted with some naturally occurring bacteria. But now, in a world that suggests threats from terrorists almost anywhere, the food industry appears particularly vulnerable. Yet, only now