The Roadway Player Roster

Michael W. WickhamChairman and Chief Executive Officer, Roadway Corp.Thirty-four years after joining Roadway Express out of college, Wickham has worked everywhere from the freight terminals to the executive suite. He became CEO of Roadway upon its spin-off as a public company in 1996, the year before it began its data

When Data Is as Important as the Freight Itself

Roadway Express carries freight, sure. But almost as important is the data it carries about the loads it carries. Manufacturers have to know whether their shipments have arrived; and retailers have to know when they will arrive. That’s why one of Roadway’s most important recent initiatives has been improving the

The Few, the Proud, the Cost-Effective

The Marine Corps got its orders in 1999: reduce the cost of running its 16 major bases by $110 million a year, by 2004. So far, so good. Aided by a computer program that supports activity-based costing (ABC) and management like that used by corporations, the Marines exceeded last year’s

Roadway Corporation Base Case

Headquarters: 1077 Gorge Blvd., Akron, OH 44309-0471 Phone: (330) 384-1717 Business: Less-than-truckload freight hauling in North America makes up 87% of revenues; the rest comes from recently acquired regional trucking companies Chief Information Officer: Robert W. Obee 2001 Financials: Revenue, $2.79 billion; net income, $30.8 million; revenue per ton, $374.37

Gotcha! Activity Costing

Did you know that: Overambitious efforts to gather data on activities in your operations will suffer diminishing returns Some activities can be easily metered, such as the automatically clocked time-per-call measures of a call center. But many need to be estimated, either by surveying employees on how much time they

Computer Corp. of America: Built to Last

By all accounts, a company like Computer Corporation of America (CCA) should be out of business today. The 37-year-old company provides a powerful database-management system for IBM mainframe computers. As such, its trademark Model 204 platform has been used by a wide range of Fortune 500 companies over the years,

Corning Focuses on Customer Data

In the quiet clean of a newly renovated facility in upstate New York farm country, Corning Inc. grows fluoride crystals—highly specialized, glasslike material. Corning’s customers use the crystals to build lenses for the microscopic etching of computer chips. Moore’s Law about ever-faster chips forces Corning’s semiconductor materials group to respond

How Roadway Outmaneuvers Competition

In the past 22 years, two out of every three companies that carried less-than-full loads of freight across the country on trailers have disappeared. Consolidated freightways in September was only the latest to succumb. The survivors? Those companies that track costs closely, down to every activity that matters on the

How Florida’s Voting Machine Failed (Again)

Hanging chads are nothing compared to how untested technology can ruin an election day. On Sept. 10, the state that produced the 2000 presidential election fiasco was back with a more thoroughly technological version. Having decided to switch to a computerized voting system, the state of Florida may have wound

The Light at the End of the Technology

When we launched Baseline a year ago, we wanted above all to create something practical. After five years in which technology had been celebrated for its potential, we saw a need for a magazine that would do something more basic: analyze technology’s contribution to the bottom line. Thus Baseline was