enterprise social networking

Nurture Collaboration and Communication with Enterprise Social Networking

Smooth collaboration and accessible routes of communication are essential for the successful management of any business. Organizations need a powerful communication platform apart from the commonly used business tools to ensure that employees can connect and collaborate with others (colleagues, associates, vendors, partners) even when working from different locations. Enterprise

ecommerce fraudulent activity

Fortifying Your Ecommerce Strategy Against Fraudulent Activities

In today’s digital age, ecommerce has become an essential part of our lives. With the rise of online shopping, there has also been a surge in fraudulent activities that target unsuspecting customers and businesses alike. As an ecommerce business owner, it is crucial to fortify your ecommerce strategy against such

call or email

Phone Call or Email: How to Know When to Use Which

Many of us have been in business situations where we had to consider the best communication channel. We keep receiving emails and phone calls from our business associates, customers, potential clients, vendors, and many others. Some businesses may react to every email or phone call. Others may have fixed preferences

smart city companies

The Top Smart City Companies Leading Initiatives Globally

Technology has not only influenced workplaces and lifestyles. It has impacted cities, too, globally. They are getting smarter. Smart city technology is catching up everywhere, and the initiative is driven by IoT or the Internet of Things. IoT is a colossal network with a large number of linked devices. The

The Top Network Analyzer Tools To Boost Bad Network Performance

The Top Network Analyzer Tools To Boost Bad Network Performance

Businesses perform a variety of actions on their network to achieve their goals. Admins find it challenging to track the activities within the network as multiple actions are performed on a network during day-to-day business operations. The challenges can proliferate for large businesses with many networks. Administrators must have access

The Google Trends To Watch Out For in 2023

Google Trends To Watch Out For in 2023

Are you a Google Ads marketer? Are you done planning your marketing strategy for the year? You will surely be interested in knowing the biggest Google Search trends for 2023. Maybe you will tweak your strategy based on the top trends for the year. Here are the five biggest Google

Process Improvement Enhancing Your Business Process

Process Improvement: Enhancing Your Business Process

Process Improvement is a self-explanatory word. It simply means making changes or improving the processes of your work or business to obtain enhanced results. While that might appear to be a simple and technically correct explanation, in reality, business process improvement is a bit complex. Business process improvement (also referred

data privacy

The Price of Privacy: What Your Data is Worth and How to Keep it Safe

In our highly connected world, personal details, online habits, and other credentials are essential information that can tell websites a lot about us. Unfortunately, our information is also vital to hackers and other malicious individuals. According to ExpressVPN’s dark web guide, information like passport scans can be worth up to

influencer marketing roi

How to Measure Influencer Marketing ROI on Instagram

As Andrew Tate says, we now live in an attention economy, so it is no surprise that influencers are selling their influence through online marketplaces. They are following the trend set by gaming influencers who have to sign up to publishers in order to get free codes and free social

internal communication 2.0

4 Reasons Organizations Should Rethink Their Internal Communications Strategy

Since the global COVID pandemic struck, organizations have had to reconfigure processes. These processes allow employees to communicate effectively when not in the same room. Now, as the world slowly transitions back to in-office environments, even if part-time, optimized internal communications tools and policies are required to keep employees productive