Big Tech Regulation

UK Cracks Down on Big Tech

The UK government has recently approved an ambitious and controversial online safety law that aims to regulate and hold digital and social media companies accountable for their content. This law, which has been in the works since 2021, is part of a global effort to rein in the power and

Alibaba Shakeup

Alibaba’s CEO Focuses on AI

In recent news, Alibaba Group, the renowned e-commerce and cloud giant, has announced its plans to embrace artificial intelligence (AI) and promote younger individuals to senior management positions. The company’s new CEO, Eddie Wu, has outlined a long-term vision that aims to navigate the challenging economic landscape and stay ahead

Hacker Troll

Russian Hacker Trolls the FBI

The U.S. government has been engaged in an ongoing battle against cybercriminals, and one of the most prominent names on their list is Russian hacker Mikhail Matveev, also known as “Wazawaka” and “Boriselcin.” Matveev has been indicted for his involvement in significant ransomware attacks targeting companies and critical infrastructure in

Affiliate Marketing

Social Media And Affiliate Marketing: A Match Made In Digital Heaven

In the sprawling digital landscape, two giants have emerged that dominate the online space – social media and affiliate marketing. Both platforms have grown immensely in the past decade, shaping the online consumer experience. Interestingly, the fusion of these two platforms has created a powerful tool for marketers and brands.

YouTube influencer database

How To Create a Youtube Influencer Database

In the ever-expanding landscape of digital marketing, few strategies have garnered as much attention and success as influencer marketing. With the rise of social media platforms, influencers – individuals with the ability to captivate and engage sizable online audiences – have become the modern-day conduits for brand promotion and consumer

Apple Project

Apple’s Secret Blood Project Appoints A New Leader

In today’s fast-paced world, technology is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the ever-growing population. One area where advancements have been particularly crucial is in healthcare. With millions of people around the world living with chronic conditions like diabetes, the need for accurate and non-invasive blood monitoring has never

Databricks Series I

Databricks Just Got a $43 Billion Valuation

Databricks, a provider of AI and data analytics software, recently closed a Series I funding round that brought in over $500 million and valued the company at $43 billion. Databricks continues to defy expectations and attract substantial investment despite a slowdown in funding for late-stage startups. In-depth information about Databricks’

Google Competitor

Falcon 180B: An LLM to Rival Google

In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, language models play a crucial role in natural language processing tasks. Hugging Face, a prominent player in the field, recently made waves with the introduction of Falcon 180B, the largest open source Large Language Model (LLM) to date. Falcon 180B not only achieves

Swedish Innovations

Sweden: Stagnating or Innovating?

Sweden, long recognized for its innovative educational practices, is returning to more conventional approaches. The country has been at the forefront of educational digitalization in recent years, with tablets and online research being widely adopted as central pedagogical tools. However, some worry that this highly digitalized method will have a

Reusable Rocket Tech

New Frontier Aerospace: New Rocket Tech

In a bid to revolutionize the aerospace industry, New Frontier Aerospace is poised to bring back the golden era of hypersonic flight. With a team of seasoned experts and a vision to transform air transportation, this Seattle-based startup is set to disrupt the trillion-dollar market. In this article, we delve