Popular Candle

Candle making emerges as popular side gig among Americans

Did you know that almost 54% of U.S. citizens have taken on side gigs in the past year to financially fortify their harnesses? One increasingly popular option is candle making. The trend for handmade, customisable, and aesthetically appealing items have amplified the market for artisanal candles. These not only make

"Season Embrace"

Embracing new season to revitalize old habits

April’s arrival is the perfect time to renew our commitment to personal growth and developing good habits, especially if our New Year resolutions have started to fade. With blooming flowers and warmer sun shining, these natural cues can stimulate change and revive old habits or motivate the creation of new

"Traditional Dating"

Gen Z favors traditional dating over digital alternatives

Contrary to the online dating trend popularized by millennials, Generation Z is leaning more towards conventional, in-person dating. Their reasons? A rise in cyber safety concerns, deceitful online profiles, the missing ingredient of a genuine connection, and the unsavoury trend of ghosting. This generation highly regards authentic experiences and one-on-one

"Enhanced iOS"

Apple set to unveil enhanced iOS 18

Big updates are heading our way with Apple preparing to unveil the iOS 18! The new release stands out with significant enhancements to the Home Screen and many in-device apps, bringing us a vastly improved user interface. Excitingly, iOS 18 is also integrating AI into apps like Photos and Notes,

"Altcoins Surge"

Altcoins surge as Bitcoin’s dominance wanes

We’re observing quite an uptick in the altcoin market, while Bitcoin’s dominance seems to be waning. Cryptocurrencies like Ether, Cardano, and Polkadot are riding this wave, attracting new investments and diversifying crypto portfolios. Their ability to nip at the heels of Bitcoin speaks volumes about their potential. Ethereum, for instance,

"Efficiency Enhancement Apps"

Digital apps enhancing habit formation efficiency

In the digital age, a variety of applications are available that aid individuals in forming good habits. These apps span from fitness trackers to mental well-being softwares and productivity tools. Each app employs various features such as reminders, schedules and progress tracking to encourage consistency and discipline. One of these

"Accused Arizona"

Arizona state accused of misusing pension funds

The American Accountability Foundation (AAF) has accused the state of Arizona of utilizing pension funds to advocate for racial and environmental issues in public companies. The accusations focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) elements in investor resolutions, raising concerns about race, gender, and politics. The pension funds are managed


How AI and Automated Systems Revolutionize eCommerce Fulfillment

If you’ve been busy running your eCommerce business for a while now, why worry more than you need to about fulfillment? Today’s AI and automated systems are readily available and are already making evolutions in how products are stored, managed, and sent out. These trends can mean faster delivery times,

Bitcoin Value Fluctuations

Bitcoin’s value fluctuations mimic 2016 trends

Bitcoin’s value seesawed last week, with an increase of over 3% observed, mimicking a similar pattern in 2016. Despite a struggle to sustain above $70,000, predictions of another swing to unprecedented heights are not off the table. Investment analysts continue to scrutinize Bitcoin’s performance and potential global financial impact At

Resilient GBPUSD

GBPUSD pair showcases resilience amid market fluctuations

The GBPUSD pair has maintained a positive inclination despite fluctuations triggered by strong US PMI reports. Although the US PMI reports initially increased USD strength, this uptick was short-lived, and the GBPUSD pair persevered, demonstrating its inherent strength. Indeed, the pair continued to rise in value, much to the surprise