"Community Banking Shift"

Torpago shifts focus to enhance community banking

Financial technology company Torpago has shifted its focus toward providing tech solutions for local community banks, enhancing the traditional banking experience. The company, whose primary operations involved commercial credit card and expenditure management services, now aims to equip traditional banking institutions with advanced tech tools. The new services by Torpago

Privacy AI Blockchain

Anticipating fintech trends: privacy, AI, and blockchain

Unforeseen advancements in financial technology (fintech) continue to redefine and transform the financial landscape and consumer experiences. New technologies like digital payments, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and data analysis have brought about significant improvements in the speed, efficiency, and security of transactions. However, their rapid evolution poses a challenge in predicting

Nium Valuation

Nium raises $50 million amid valuation drop

Nium, a notable player in the fintech industry, raked in $50 million in a recent funding round. Interestingly, this cash infusion led to a 30% decrease in the firm’s value, lowering its total valuation to $1.4 billion. Notwithstanding the dip, the firm remains optimistic, planning an Initial Public Offering (IPO)

"Food Festival"

North Omaha food festival promotes local economy

Today heralds the seventh run of the Taste of North Omaha, a culinary extravaganza held at the Eagles Nest on Sorenson Parkway. Between midday and 5 p.m., local restaurants will come together to exhibit their finest dishes. Foodies all across town gather to taste the myriad delectable bites put forward

iPhone Updates

Anticipating major iPhone updates at upcoming WWDC

The excitement is at a fever pitch as the tech community awaits critical software updates from iPhone at the forthcoming Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Everyone is eager to discern what lies behind Apple’s suspense curtain and are filled with anticipation for breakthrough changes that’ll enhance their technology experience. Word on

iPhone Features

Apple unveils new features for iPhone 16 Pro

In recent news, Apple has been making headlines with the unveiling of iPhone 16 Pro’s advanced features and new privacy tools for the iPad Pro. On the other hand, Android isn’t far behind, pressing against Apple with improved security promises. Apple’s iPhone 16 Pro comes jam-packed with innovation that surpasses

Warrior Business

Warrior Rising launches free business program for veterans

Warrior Rising, an organization founded by Veterans for Veterans in 2015, offers free online courses to provide business support to veterans. They aim to assist in creating sustainable businesses and job opportunities, using both the internet and face-to-face networking events to create a unified front. Their latest initiative, a complimentary

"iOS Update Outshine"

iOS 18 updates outshine AirPods enhancements

The recent iOS 18 updates for iPhone have amassed more attention than the AirPods updates. Notable improvements include a new look for the Weather app, privacy protection technology, a redesigned Safari and a revamped notification experience. Firmware updates for AirPods have seen an enhancement to sound quality and connectivity. However,

"Coffee Adversity"

Giuliani’s coffee business faces financial adversity

Rudy Giuliani, the former New York Mayor, along with his business partner, are believed to be encountering significant financial challenges concerning their Florida-based coffee brewing company. Despite launching an exclusive coffee series in May with Burke Brands, the supplier of Don Pablo Coffee, things aren’t looking bright due to the

Strong Passwords and Password Management Tools

Baseline Guide to Strong Passwords and Password Management Tools

Protecting users’ accounts from unauthorized access is critical. According to Verizon research, weak or stolen passwords account for 80 percent of hacking-related breaches. The report also notes that how individuals build passwords is quite awful. So, let’s look deeper at how to create strong passwords and utilize password management tools.