Startup Growth

ScaleUp Program boosts 2024 startup growth opportunities

In 2024, the ScaleUp Program provides a promising platform for startups, offering exclusive opportunities for exposure, networking, and industry insight. In addition to mentorship from seasoned professionals, participants can expect to partake in illuminating workshops, panels, and discussions aimed at equipping them with critical industry knowledge. Highlighting their innovations to

Artistic Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship evolves from art to strategic process

Entrepreneurship is often akin to navigating a complex labyrinth, fraught with unexpected challenges but yielding unrivaled freedom and opportunity. Success in this realm isn’t measured by a linear trajectory, but by resilience, creativity, and the relentless pursuit of knowledge. Embracing failure and constant learning emerge as integral elements in shaping

"Shares Plunge"

Raymond’s shares plunge after structural shift

Raymond’s shares fell a staggering 40% following a decision to spin Raymond Lifestyle away from the parent company. This strategic shift has resulted in investor uncertainty, provoking the massive dip in share value. The cutoff date of July 11 will define the eligible shareholders to receive shares in the newly

Overlooked Startups

Mike Maples Jr: Investing in overlooked startups

Mike Maples Jr. is a respected early-stage venture capitalist and angel investor, who maintains a unique investment approach. He often supports startups overlooked by many or deemed unpopular and helps nurture their growth. As co-founder of a venture firm, his successful investments include esteemed companies such as Twitter, Twitch, Lyft,

"Probed Aspiration"

Aspiration Partners probed over customer complaints

Aspiration Partners, a U.S.-based fintech leader in sustainable consumerism, is being probed by regulators after reports of customer service and financial management complaints. A prominent figure in climate finance, the company’s reputation may be at stake due to these allegations. Established three years ago, Aspiration shook up banking norms by

"Exam Taker Reduction"

Significant reduction in CPA exam takers alarms industry

The Association of International Certified Professional Accountants is deeply concerned about a significant reduction in CPA exam takers from 1990 to 2021. Younger generations appear less attracted to the profession and with approximately 75% of current CPAs nearing retirement, there’s a deficit of around 340,000 accountants compared to just five


Essential Tech for Road Trippers: Why an eSIM is a Must-Have

As road trips continue to gain popularity, having the right tech can make all the difference in transforming a good trip into a great one. An essential piece of tech every road tripper should have is an eSIM. Being one of the latest connectivity innovations, an eSIM offers substantial benefits

"SMEs Support Initiatives"

Mastercard plans initiatives to support SMEs

Mastercard, a renowned multinational corporation, is devising strategies to bolster small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), typically caught in the “missing middle” financial gap. Recognizing SMEs’ significant role in the economy, Mastercard’s endeavor is to roll out initiatives such as affordable credit options and financial aid programs, to uplift these businesses.

"Cannabis Industry Growth"

Wisconsin’s cannabis industry experiences rapid growth

The cannabis industry in Wisconsin has seen rapid expansion, with many entrepreneurs capitalising on changing hemp laws. This has led to an influx of CBD-based products, available at health stores, supermarkets, and online platforms. The state’s economy has benefitted, and consumers now have a larger variety of natural wellness products

Online Resurgence

Zombie brands find resurgence online

‘Zombie brands’, like Feat Clothing, are gaining traction in the direct-to-consumer market. Despite setbacks in traditional markets, these brands find a new lease of life online, attracting a dedicated consumer base. Feat Clothing’s revival has been sparked by a robust social media strategy and targeted consumer interactions. Their success highlights