WebMethods: Building on B2B

As its name suggests, WebMethods was born in the days when enthusiasm about the Net was rising. And the six-year-old company spent the late 1990s developing software to connect Internet applications. But it has now diversified by adding software that links legacy systems to other legacy systems—as well as to

Security Potholes on the Health Care Highway

When a hacker broke into patient files at the University of Washington Hospital in May 2000, the intrusion was not the first time electronic medical records (EMR) had fallen into the wrong hands. Here are other examples from 1997 through 2000 that got noticed. Since it is well-established by security

Primer: Networked Storage

STORAGE ARCHITECTURES Storage Area NetworkA SAN is a private, high-speed network that sits outside the local area network. Since it does not affect normal corporate traffic, the approach is well-suited for moving large amounts of data. SANs are too expensive to make connecting large numbers of systems to storage devices

Good Data Is Profitable Data

The antitrust trial of Microsoft served a couple of years ago as a warning to corporate information-meisters that you can have too much e-mail hanging around. Now, smart controllers of corporate knowledge weed out e-mail every 90 days or so, and only retain truly vital messages. Collateralized debt obligations. High-yield

NEHEN’s Founders in Profile

John Halamka, MDCIO, CareGroup; Chairman, New England Healthcare EDI Network (NEHEN)Role: Halamka was one of the conceivers and founding members of NEHEN. He is an evangelist as well for the creation of regional networks for exchanging patient information. Besides his duties at CareGroup, which is a member of NEHEN, and

NEHEN Base Case

Organization: New England Healthcare EDI Network (NEHEN) Headquarters: Waltham, Mass. Phone: (781) 890-7446 Business: Cooperative electronic medical records network involving health care providers and payers in Boston and New England Size: Members operate 45 hospitals, including Massachusetts General and Mount Auburn. Three largest operators record $5.8 billion in annual revenue.

Health Care’s Napkin Network

INTERACTIVE TOOL Cost out a data exchange network (Excel)A time line for implementation (Microsoft Project 98 file).PDF download of both  Although security was the official topic, an ominous cloud hung over their heads. Two years earlier, President Bill Clinton had signed into law the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

Measuring Up: The CIO’s Shallow Pockets

Doing an up-front risk analysis is standard practice in many businesses, where it isn’t unheard of for a company to spend the first 2% of a project’s budget determining whether to spend the other 98%. For instance, a consumer-goods company planning to invest $100 million in a new brand of

Sony: Is Talk Cheap? Not as Cheap as E-Mail

? Not as Cheap as E-Mail”> At Gartner Inc.’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) conference in September, Maureen Read came away shaking her head from a session on serving customers over the Internet. “There were people there talking about spending $11 on an e-mail response,” says a disbelieving Read, the vice

How Citibank Saves with CRM

Companies such as Citibank, looking for good software to manage their relationships with customers, are caught in a dilemma: to customize or not to customize? So, what’s a company to do? At Citibank’s Global Corporate and Investment Bank’s e-business unit, which serves midsize and Fortune 2000 corporations, the answer was: