Port Security: Required Reading

Here are links to key reports, white papers and other research on homeland security and how marine terminals play a key role. Brookings Institution: “Protecting The American Homeland.” Rand: “‘Seacurity’: Improving the Security of the Global Sea-Container Shipping System.” Unisys White Paper: “A Safe Commerce Blueprint: Securing Your Inbound Supply

Girding The Grid

Innovation may be the life-blood of technology, but once the electrons stop flowing even the best information system goes limp. About 50 million electricity customers throughout the Northeast and Canada learned that lesson the hard way—an Aug. 14 blackout exposed how vulnerable the nation’s electric system is to accidental or

How To Manage A Globally Staffed Project

Managing the development of new software and deploying systems gets more complicated the more spread out the resources. If your applications are developed in Bangalore; your data centers are in Hong Kong and Los Angeles; and your network operations are based in Rio de Janeiro, you’ve got a management task

The Next Big Thing: Blind Faith In U.S. Innovation?

Typically, worries about the United States’ future in technology are brushed aside by uttering four words: “The next big thing.” The next big thing will give displaced workers a new career and give them an opportunity to become wealthy if their jobs go abroad. It’ll also keep the United States

Leaping, Then Looking

Chris Heim knows he’ll have to eventually send some of his product development work to India, China or some other country. The chief executive of HighJump Software, a supplier of supply-chain software based in Eden Prairie, Minn., has a rival that already has 200 developers in India, getting paid about

Economic Security: The Gut Effect

Will the movement of high-paying technology jobs gut the U.S. tax base? In all likelihood, the impact will be muted. Economy.com estimates 800,000 back-office jobs will disappear forever over the next five years. Assuming an average salary of $60,000, that’s lost wages of about $50 billion. Multiply by 1.2 to

National Security: Off The Radar

The loss of high-paying jobs to other countries isn’t viewed as a national security issue yet, but that may change. If information technology is increasingly moved offshore, the Department of Defense may take a closer look, say analysts. Why? The U.S. military is increasingly relying on information systems and if

To Protect and Serve

Many organizations are keeping a lid on security spending, but that doesn’t mean they’re standing pat. Instead, they’re trying to spend available dollars more wisely. That can mean consolidating responsibility for security under a single department to drive tougher bargains with security service and equipment providers. It can mean making

September 2003 Online Extras

24/7 SERVICES The Coming Commoditization of Compensation (Topline Online Exclusive) 1.4 million U.S. jobs will be moved offshore by 2015. Find out where, why and how (much). Foreign Worker Debate Visas for foreign workers have raised eyebrows amid technology job losses. Here’s a roundup of reports on the subject. Case

Corporate Performance Management

What is it? An umbrella term for systems that monitor the key metrics of business performance. A corporate performance management (CPM) suite contains software to help plan initiatives, track progress and analyze the results. Where did it come from? From corporations themselves. In 2001, research firm Gartner Inc. recognized it