AGIA: Identity Crisis

View the PDF — Turn off pop-up blockers! Bill Tyson was excited to see how his latest brainstorm, an insurance policy that protected customers against identity theft, was faring. As the chief marketing officer for AGIA Insurance Services, he had found a creative way to sell what he thought was

Juniper Security: Eyes on the Enterprise

View the PDF — Turn off pop-up blockers! After years of sticking to high-speed networking gear for service providers, Juniper flung open the door to the enterprise this year with its $3.4 billion acquisition of network security vendor NetScreen—a grab for real estate in a market dominated by archrival Cisco.

Cisco Security: That Old Familiar Face

View the PDF — Turn off pop-up blockers! Cisco is a billion-dollar-a-year champ in the security market, pumped up by an oxygen-like pervasiveness in corporate networks—despite what some consider mediocre management tools. Stephen C. Smith, network manager with Keystone Mercy Health Plan in Philadelphia, chose PIX firewalls and other Cisco

Check Point Software: Jekyll, Meet Hyde

View the PDF — Turn off pop-up blockers! Customers of Check Point, once the gold standard for network security, report such wildly different experiences that it almost seems as if they’re describing two different entities. Among the unhappy campers: Pamela Fusco, chief security officer of Merck & Co. “Check Point

Voice of Experience: Connecting the Dots

Pamela FuscoMerck & Co.Chief Security OfficerWhitehouse Station, Manager’s Profile: Head of global information-security strategy and operations for the 60,000-employee pharmaceutical firm, which posted $22.5 billion in sales last year. She joined Merck in May after six years with Digex, a Web hosting company that is now a subsidiary of

Defending Data: A Never-Ending Vigil

View the PDF — Turn off pop-up blockers! Just ask Dan Lohrmann, chief information security officer for the state of Michigan. He and his staff of 30 are responsible for designing and monitoring the security infrastructure for the systems used by 55,000 employees in 22 agencies. On a typical day,

Keeping a Rein on Wireless Networks

Until late last year wireless networking, despite a host of products and an ocean of hype about its value to businesses, was primarily a home computing phenomenon. Security concerns kept many businesses from making the leap to wireless, according to reports from International Data Corp., which surveyed 12,000 information-technology specialists

Calculator: The Cost of Wireless Networks

Can wireless networks increase productivity by giving office workers access to vital data while they’re in meetings or letting them work from hot spots away from the office? You can justify the cost of a wireless network if you believe it will get you even one extra productive hour a

Giant Killers

They may be small. They may have skimpy financial resources. But what these companies do have is an ability to adopt technology that matters. And take business away from billion-dollar rivals that think they have a hammerlock on their markets.

Trex: Knock On Wood

View the PDF — Turn off pop-up blockers! Trex 160 Exeter Drive, Winchester, VA 22603 Business Manufactures line of wood-composite deck and railing products. Chief Business Executive CEO Robert Matheny Key Technology Executive Harry Monahan, VP, manufacturing Project Coordinate deliveries of 1.3 billion recycled bags and 300 million pounds of