Eight Fatal Software-Related Accidents

Date Deaths Detail 2003 3 Software failure contributes to power outage across the Northeastern U.S. and Canada. 2001 5 Panamanian cancer patients die following overdoses of radiation, amounts of which were determined by faulty use of software. 2000 4 Crash of a Marine Corps Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft partially blamed on

Software Quality: By The Numbers

There can be as many as 20 to 30 bugs per 1,000 lines of software code. —Sustainable Computing Consortium There are no methods of removing software defects or errors that are 100% effective. —“Software Quality: Analysis and Guidelines for Success,” by Capers Jones 32% of organizations say that they release

‘We Did Nothing Wrong’

Victor Garcia considers himself lucky to be alive. Three years ago, a combination of cancer and miscalculation almost killed him. The former distribution manager for fragrance maker Chanel now can feel the hot Panamanian morning sun stream through his living-room window. He can smell lunch cooking in the kitchen. He

Primary Concerns

The early returns are in and no voter fraud has been discovered in the wake of Maryland’s first statewide use of touch-screen electronic voting machines, which took place during the Democratic primary on March 2. That’s a good thing…right? Maybe not, says the expert who outlined several specific steps Maryland

Six Degrees of Project Management

From the Columbia space-shuttle disaster to the IRS’ painful attempts to replace its 1960s-era computer systems, network difficulties are a hallmark of technology projects. In those cases, however, human networks cause more problems than technological ones. Popularized by the “small worlds” concepts of physicist-turned-sociologist Duncan Watts, social-network analysis (SNA) uses

Automated Security Management

What is it?A system that collects data from security- and systems-management tools, then automates the process of fixing holes or vulnerabilities in the security of servers, workstations and network infrastructure. Why should I care?Technology managers have learned that having a security patch available for a newly discovered vulnerability isn’t enough;

RFID: An Offer You Can’t Refuse

Justifying the purchase of new technology is usually a highly individual process: The acquiring company has the final say whether to adopt or not. That will not be the case with radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags. If you work with Wal-Mart or the Department of Defense (DOD), the decision’s already been

On Target

Happiness is a warm gun, said the Beatles, but what people really want is a warm gun maker. “Firearms are a lifestyle product,” says Sam Grecco, vice president of e-business and e-commerce at Remington Arms, the world’s largest manufacturer of rifles and shotguns. “There is sentiment, passion—things passed on from

Screening Rooms

Stepping into the Advance Auto Parts store in Alpharetta, Ga., customers are greeted by the usual assortment of motor oil, body fillers, windshield wipers and chrome-plated car accessories. But as they roam the aisles, a voice coming in from ceiling-mounted speakers calls for them to take a gander at the

Cisco: Reinventing the Phone

Cisco, the foremost evangelist of pure Internet Protocol (IP) telephony, has recently been growing its flock fast: The company says 14,000 customers worldwide now use more than 2 million of its phones, about half of which were rolled out in the last year. But Cisco lacks a long history in