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The Lego Computer

Building an Ancient Computer From Legos His name is Andrew Carol. By day, he?s an Apple software engineer working on OS X; by night, he?s

Social Media Rescue Email

Is email sexy again?  In August, Google introduced Gmail Priority Inbox, a new feature that learns to identify your important email for you. Imagine, just

Learning Language Continuously

Live and Learn?Forever NELL?which is short for Never Ending Language Learner?is an ?intelligent computer? created by the researchers at Carnegie Mellon University that’s actually being

Owned by the Phone

Until March of this year I did not have a cell phone, and I was happy. I miss my phone-free days. Everything changed when I

Out of Scope Sept/Oct 2010

One Million?s a Crowd As if the recession wasn?t already bad enough, with jobs disappearing faster than you can tweet ?I?m unemployed,? CloudCrowd, the self-proclaimed

SIM by the Numbers

Sharing knowledge played a major role at SIMposium 2010, at which theresults of SIM?s annual survey of CIOs, CTOs and senior IT executivesfrom 172 U.S.