Category: Innovation

Fast, User-Friendly Websites

Summary: uses blade servers, open-source software and other tech tools to craft a robust Internet infrastructure for dispatching on-demand information to millions of users

Winning Business With Social Media

Every day, hundreds of millions of people log into Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a mind-bending array of other services, posting comments about their lives, their

Innovation Strategy Needs IT Input

How can companies leverage IT’s innovation skills to increase product success rates and exploit new market opportunities?  Product innovation and differentiation are critical to success

The Lego Computer

Building an Ancient Computer From Legos His name is Andrew Carol. By day, he?s an Apple software engineer working on OS X; by night, he?s

Social Media Rescue Email

Is email sexy again?  In August, Google introduced Gmail Priority Inbox, a new feature that learns to identify your important email for you. Imagine, just

Learning Language Continuously

Live and Learn?Forever NELL?which is short for Never Ending Language Learner?is an ?intelligent computer? created by the researchers at Carnegie Mellon University that’s actually being