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Out of Scope March/April 2010

I?m a Believer Jill Tarter is something of a believer. She?s an astronomer who, according to a recent article in New Scientist, won a TED

Out of Scope January 2010

Fantastic Facebook Facts If you?re a sucker for stats, here are some Facebook highlights. Amin Vahdat, a professor in Computer Science and Engineering at University

Out of Scope December 2009

They Have Some Ex-Splean?ing to Do It?s called WebSPlean?pronounced web-spleen?and it?s the latest in video spokesperson (VS) technology. According to a company release, VS tech

The Quantum Advantage

Silicon-based computers will never be able to solve certain problems. This is true even if the number of transistors on a chip doubles every year

The Speed of Business Today

Business leaders often use agility to describe their business plans and strategic initiatives, but it’s often little more than just a vision. Agility is something

Driving the Innovation Economy

Though the debate about the United States and its competitive edge continues, it’s now time to turn that talk into action. Driving an innovation economy