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eBay Bets On Flash

Flash memory first invaded the enterprise as a growing number of laptops began using solid state drives (SSDs), which offer speed and reliability advantages over

Out of Scope

The(Y)ear of the Cat? Sometimes,technology is used to invent things that are so right that we wonder how weever got along without them: the Internet,

Seven Health Care Technologies to Watch

1. Electronic Medical Records: More advanced EMR applications provide a higher level of integration and far more sophisticated data sharing. 2. Mobility: Smartphones and tablets

Kill Your Computer

A View to a Kill Ever get so frustrated with your creaky old computer that you?ve considered breaking the thing so your company will finally

Getting Ready For IPv6

Your network has operated with an underlying technology called IPv4 (Internet Protocol Version 4) for as long as you can remember. Now the time has

Finding Jobs in the Cloud

Cloud computing and virtualization are two skill-set areas where job postings on have ballooned at nearly twice the market rate. Outpacing the market is

Social Networks For Social Change

Positive social changes in today’s post-industrial knowledge economy often are driven by a combination of the power of technology with the power of mass human

Transforming Data Into Information

Transformation is an enterprise-wide activity, and the first step is to get a clear picture of the entire enterprise. Most large organizations have used a