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Flexible Displays Finally Arrive

The explosion of tablet computers has demonstrated that consumers and businesses are eager for devices that let people access files, media and other content on

Steve Jobs, IT Legend, Dies at 56

Apple co-founder and two-time CEO Steve Jobs, recognized around the world as one of the most successful innovators in the history of American business, died

iPad is Just the Beginning

The tablet era is just beginning.  Yes, the sudden demise of the HP TouchPad, only weeks after its initial launch, demonstrates just how unpredictable and

Electronic Receipts Gain Traction

Retailers and other businesses spend billions of dollars annually printing tiny pieces of paper, a.k.a. receipts. People stuff these slips of processed tree into purses,

eBay Bets On Flash

Flash memory first invaded the enterprise as a growing number of laptops began using solid state drives (SSDs), which offer speed and reliability advantages over

Out of Scope

The(Y)ear of the Cat? Sometimes,technology is used to invent things that are so right that we wonder how weever got along without them: the Internet,

Seven Health Care Technologies to Watch

1. Electronic Medical Records: More advanced EMR applications provide a higher level of integration and far more sophisticated data sharing. 2. Mobility: Smartphones and tablets