Finding Jobs in the Cloud

Cloud computing and virtualization are two skill-set areas where job postings on have ballooned at nearly twice the market rate. Outpacing the market is no small feat when technology job postings across the board are up 25 percent year over year. But in the area of cloud computing, positions on Dice nearly tripled.

Employers recruiting for cloud positions are looking for a proven track record in capital management, planning and savings, as well as experience deploying and maintaining cloud installations. Another frequent requirement is knowledge of the security ramifications and standards associated with remote access, along with experience with providers such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft and  

Virtualization offers similar benefits: reducing costs while increasing the efficiency and flexibility of existing technology assets.

The ability to drive down hardware and operating costs gives corporations a reason to seek this expertise. Our job postings for VMware knowledge are currently at an all-time high: more than 2,500 postings, up 41 percent year over year.

Many of the available positions are for virtualization engineers and architects. Requirements include the proven ability to migrate, design, configure and manage data.

In technology, what is old is often new again. If you know your way around using IT budgets more efficiently, protecting data and migrating to the next new thing, your skills won?t go out of style.

Alice Hill is managing director of, a career Website for technology and engineering professionals.