Getting on the Right Frequency with Personal Tech

As both the frequency and intensity of information surges, the question becomes: How much is enough? More >

Connected Sirius XM Chooses Agile Platform with...

Connected Sirius XM, a division of Sirius XM, delivers full turnkey solutions for various automotive companies. To be more efficient in turning out connected vehicle features and services, the business unit set a course for agile... More >

Carnegie Mellon University Launches AI Research...

You hear about these innovations in the news all the time: self-driving cars, smartphone assistants and computer image recognition. These capabilities that were merely imagined a few years ago are now a reality, thanks to recent advances... More >

Big Names Head the List of Top Tech Employers

Call them the darling dozen—the 12 tech companies that tech professionals consider the ideal employers. Many of these names will be no surprise to anyone involved in the industry, but a few might not immediately leap to mind. Money... More >

How Companies Lose Good Job Candidates

The quality of interactions that a job candidate experiences with a prospective employer can ultimately determine whether that individual decides to work for the company in question. And, given the shortage of qualified talent in today's... More >

Business Units Participate in Tech Buying Process

In today's enterprises, line-of-business (LoB) departments are playing a bigger role in the technology buying process, especially when it concerns applications and services related to mobile and collaborative technologies. And... More >
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