Unplanned System Downtime Has Serious Consequences

Is your technology organization taking a "zero tolerance" position on unplanned downtime? If so, it's joining a very big club, as the vast majority of IT professionals feel that zero downtime is mission-critical. Unfortunately, most... More >

Will the Internet of Things Become a Big Waste?

If all our old and disposable devices—along with the gazillions of batteries we use to power them—end up in landfills, we're headed for a colossal waste problem. More >

Business Communication? You're Doing It Wrong!

It's shocking how little effort is often placed on mastering the art of business communication and keeping up with communication trends and technologies. More >

How to Manage a Superstar Without Losing Your Mind

As reported by Baseline numerous times, the competition to hire top tech talent is getting brutal. But if you do end up landing that special performer—as a manager, team leader, analyst, developer or programmer—you may face... More >

11 Ways to Become a Leader of Digital Technology

Not every IT employee can develop into a leader of technology transformation, but you're more likely to get to that level if you know which steps to take. The book Leading Digital: Turning Technology into Business Transformation (Harvard... More >

Obveratory Relies on Advanced Remote Monitoring

The world's deepest underwater observatory, the Aloha Cabled Observatory, relies on sophisticated IT systems to manage remote systems and a wave of data. More >
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