Market Intelligence Platform Drives Success of CRM

Use of CRM soars at business services firm when a market intelligence platform puts rich data at the fingertips of users, slashing research time and boosting sales. More >

Public Cloud Vulnerabilities Abound

Cloud threat defense vendor RedLock created a "cloud security intelligence" team intended to research and identify public cloud threats and advise companies on cloud security best practices. A recent report on the CSI team's initial four... More >

Savings, Service, and Confidence from the Right...

When it was time for Rolls-Royce to upgrade its mobile phones, it was also time to get a mobility management platform for lower costs, improved service and customized solutions. More >

We Are Overworked and Overstressed and It Is Ge...

American workers are putting more hours into work, but paying a price. More >

Why IT Pros Like, and Even Love, What They Do

The vast majority of tech employees are no less than "mostly" satisfied at work, according to a recent survey from CompTIA. The resulting report, "Evaluating IT Workforce Needs," indicates that tech pros feel a sense of personal... More >

UCSF Turns to AI for Answers

Scientists at UC San Francisco are tapping the power of AI to take brain and spinal cord research to a deeper level. More >
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