How to Turn Your Company Into a Digital Powerhouse

Digital technologies are changing the enterprise, but turning your company into a digital powerhouse presents new challenges and requires new ways of thinking. More >

Five Business Lessons From Five Great Movies

Sometimes, when you're stuck in a work rut and need some inspiration, you might want to head to a movie theater. But if you don't have the time now, you can spend a few minutes reviewing this slideshow, which features author Patrick... More >

Business Sees Benefits of Unified Communications

Organizations are eager to increase their use of unified communications tools, even though most corporate executives confess that they're unclear about what "unified communications" actually means. While this may sound paradoxical, it... More >

Secure Domain Foundation Fights Cyber-Crime

The Secure Domain Foundation, which has buy-in from prominent Internet firms, takes a multipronged approach to fighting criminal abuse in the domain industry. More >

Corporate Executives Focus on IT's Shortcomings

It's encouraging that corporate leadership finally recognizes how much the IT organization can contribute to strategic objectives, but this increased visibility is putting pressure on the tech team, according to a recent McKinsey Global... More >

Why You Should Consider Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is always on since there’s no delay waiting for a robot or disks to spin back up. And data is automatically encrypted, replicated and protected. More >
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