Marketing Execs Think C-Suite Lacks Digital Vision

If you believe that your company's leaders struggle to understand information technology, you'll find a partner in the marketing department. In fact, only a minority of global marketing executives think that the C-suite comprehends... More >

Six Ways People Behave Badly With Technology

When we're using technology, too many of us become loud, rude, thoughtless and sometimes obnoxious. If you do any of the following things, it's time to stop. More >

The Growing Need for Cyber-Security Professionals

While the need for cyber-security professionals may outweigh supply, it's important to remember that several IT skills and personality traits are transferable. More >

Résumé Deceptions Jeopardize Job Opportunities

A majority of hiring managers and HR professionals say they have caught applicants in a lie on their résumé, according to a recent survey from CareerBuilder. And many of these employers say the incidents are increasing.... More >

How to Manage the 'Shadow Cloud' Successfully

It's no secret that line-of-business departments are taking command of how they acquire and use information technology, and a growing number of business users are now adopting their own cloud computing environments. As a result,... More >

Comparing Responsive Websites and Mobile Apps

Most companies need to extend their online presence beyond the desktop. This means weighing the benefits of a responsive Website compared with a mobile app. More >
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