High-Performance Computing Powers Genome Project

A major biomedical research center relies on an HPC system to run a genome project that will allow personalized healthcare for the people of Qatar. More >

Why IT Managers Are Turning to Freelancers

A growing number of IT department managers reported that the hiring market for technology talent has gotten more difficult over the past year, and the majority of them said they need to hire freelancers to support IT needs, according to... More >

Is a Huge Infrastructure Breach Coming Soon?

The big one is on its way. At least, a majority of cyber-security professionals believe that the nation's critical infrastructure will be hit by a major breach within the next two years. Worse, they also believe the current state of... More >

Did Google Cross the Line on Free Speech?

The contentious "Google Memo" has launched heated discussions, but the issue isn't really about free speech; it's about what's permissible in the workplace. More >

How Top Performers Get the Right Things Done

While it may sound like a bit of a cliché, the most productive and effective employees don't necessarily work brutal hours. They're just good at working smarter, not harder, according to a recent survey from VitalSmarts. The... More >

New York City Fuels FinTech Innovation

An open innovation framework established by the Partnership for New York City, Accenture and financial institutions spurs tech advances and economic gains. More >
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