Self-Service Data Prep Provides Business Insight

QIE Partners, an investor accounting service provider, achieves precision loan reconciliation and meets clients’ expectations with self-service data preparation. More >

What's the Downside of Life as a Contractor?

Have you ever fantasized about being your own boss—cutting the chord to full-time employment to embrace the life of a contractor? If you follow through with such plans, you may find that taking the hired-gun route isn't always what... More >

Unused Software Costs Companies Millions

A shocking number of the software applications acquired by companies are considered "waste," meaning they go unused for one or more months at a time—and sometimes longer, according to recent research published by 1E. The... More >

Is It Time to Drop the "I" in IT?

IT departments aren't going away—regardless of what they are called. But they must become more strategic and savvy in the ways of all technologies and business. More >

Why Employees Feel Empowered in Their Career

A majority of employees surveyed are open to leaving their current company, and a significant number are already looking for new work, according to a recent survey from Aon Hewitt. The resulting "2016 Workforce Mindset Study" reports... More >

CalPERS Adopts a More Secure Networking Approach

The California Public Employees' Retirement System deployed a system with full visibility of physical and virtual networks, boosting performance and security. More >
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