Big Data = Big Challenges

Big data has emerged at the center of the digital enterprise. In fact, almost every initiative connects and intersects with data and analytics in some way. Yet, the playing field across the corporate environment isn't equal. While some... More >

Preparing for Our Future: The Human Partnership...

How can we prepare for the changes that emerging technologies like AI and machine learning, augmented/virtual reality, robotics, and cloud computing will bring to our work and daily life by the year 2030? More >

Purdue Uses IoT to Reinvent Farming, Boost Output

Digital agriculture harnesses the Internet of Things and wireless to revolutionize farming and increase food production for exploding population. More >

Why Cloud, DevOps and SDI Are on the Rise

While it's hardly a "new thing," cloud investment hasn't plateaued either: The majority of organizations plan to boost their investment into the cloud over the next two years, with private and hybrid clouds emerging as top priorities,... More >

Bridging Systems and Gaining Visibility with th...

A Taft-Hartley labor management trust fund, Unite Here Health (UHH or "The Fund"), is responsible for obtaining health benefits that offer high-quality, affordable health care for its members. The Fund needs to report individually on... More >

Getting on the Right Frequency with Personal Tech

As both the frequency and intensity of information surges, the question becomes: How much is enough? More >
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