Mobility Causes Pain Points for IT Organizations

By now, it's apparent to just about everyone that digital technologies are both a blessing and a curse. They create new opportunities but also introduce bold new challenges. Mobility is at the center of this universe. It has... More >

Timeshare Exchange Strengthens Identity Management

Interval Leisure Group turned to a simplified, streamlined approach to privilege management to provide role-based access controls for workers and consultants. More >

Why Global IT Spending Is Slumping

While worldwide IT spending was previously projected for a slight boost in 2015, a revised forecast indicates that sales will actually decline this year, according to the latest research from Gartner. The pattern will affect industry... More >

Texas A&M's Cloud Offers Secure Collaboration

One of the nation's leading universities adopted a secure collaboration tool to sync, share, access and collaborate on documents on any device at any time. More >

The Fix Isn't In

It seems that every new or improved device or app introduces new problems. Any incremental gains are often offset by the time required to manage and fix things. More >

The Value of Democratizing Data

There's a growing need to put data to work at all levels of a company. The ability to democratize data increasingly determines a business' success or failure. More >
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