ephemeral environments engineer

Why Engineers are Reporting Ephemeral Environments as “Extremely Valuable”

Also known as preview environments, ephemeral environments are software development environments that can be created on demand to test a specific git branch (often housing one specific feature or bug?!) before it’s merged with the main branch. These environments bridge the gap between local test environments and main staging or

AI smarter banking

Top 5 FinTech Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2023 

Do you want to get familiar with FinTech industry trends? If yes, go through this article to get familiar with the top 5 trends in FinTech that will make sure to predict things the best way for you. For those of you who are not familiar, FinTech is an overall

best tech careers

Best Tech Careers for 2023

In recent years, artificial intelligence, or AI has freed up capabilities for the future. From space expeditions to melanoma detection, they are making waves across industries and making the impossible possible. As a result, AI and tech careers are also growing steadily. AI is reaching everywhere, from systems for the

examples of structured data

Structured Vs. Unstructured Data Including Examples of Both

Understanding and managing data is crucial for any business operating in today’s times. With modern data volumes growing by leaps and bounds, this task gets tougher. Statistics reveal that the total data creation and consumption is expected to triple between now and 2025. Another exciting piece of information? Around 80

siri ai

Is Siri AI or a Highly Developed Robot

Artificial Intelligence has been used in the past and now to replicate human intelligence. The outcome is a mixed bag. The idea of creating something that has human thinking and decision-making capabilities was enthralling and nearly unbelievable. But today, AI replicating human intelligence is commonplace. Many of us have used

health care professionals

7 Most Promising Careers for Aspiring Health Care Professionals

Those considering a career in health care have a lot more options than just becoming a physician or surgeon. The medical field is a fast-growing, rapidly developing industry with the need for all sorts of health care professionals in the coming years. So which career path should current and future

iMac alternatives

iMac Alternatives That Can Fit In Your Budget

The iMac from Apple is a fine example of the perfect computer for many professionals, including artists and graphic designers. The name inspires trust and quality, and that’s why everyone wants to own the iMac. One thing that keeps potential buyers away from this iconic brand is its premium price.

data management jobs

Jobs in Data Management – What Can Make You a Great Manager

With most organizations using the power of data to drive their business ahead, there is a growing demand for capable data management professionals and therefore, data management jobs. Companies need such professionals to support their data-driven initiatives and advance them to remain competitive. Employment in IT organizations is expected to

social media for brands

5 Ways to Grow Your Brand Social Media in 2023

The new year is fully in swing. And while the inspiration and excitement of making New Year’s Resolutions might be long gone, it’s still the perfect time to realign your business and marketing goals for 2023. If you want to focus on improving your brand’s social media accounts, you don’t want

how do employers verify education

How Do Employers Verify the Education of Job Applicants

With competition in the job market reaching extreme levels, candidates try everything possible to land their dream job. Some candidates have no qualms about resorting to the falsification of various documents, including educational credentials. Yet, most employers run mandatory background checks to verify the education of job applicants. Some verify