Cameyo Could Be the Future of Desktop Computing

Cameyo is one of a new group of companies rolling out virtual desktops hosted in the cloud. I’m following this company because I believe this cloud approach to desktop computing is not only cheaper, more secure, and vastly easier to manage, but also because it represents the likely future of

Managed SIEM vs. Managed Firewall vs. MDR

Despite the billions of dollars enterprises collectively spend on cybersecurity each year, malware remains a huge problem. On average, Google found 600-800 sites infected with malware each week as of January 2021. Many small businesses don’t have the resources or talent they need to protect themselves from the rising threats

HP Moves 3D Printing to the Automotive and Manufacturing Mainstream

The automotive industry isn’t known for rapid change, but it’s changing at an impressive rate of late. Pivoting hard away from ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) technologies and electric propulsion is the most visible change. Still, behind the scenes, another transformation is taking place, the move to 3D printing for both

Finding Cybersecurity Talent Is Hard, So Train and Invest

Digital transformation increasingly becomes an essential component for a company to keep up with the constantly evolving global business landscape. As organizations rush the adoption of digital technologies to improve processes, the target for cybersecurity attacks and threats also widens. It makes the task of defending systems from threats and

Edge Computing Could Be the Answer for Distributed Enterprises

By the year 2025, over 200 million edge nodes will be deployed worldwide. But what will all this additional spending on edge computing amount to? For distributed enterprises, those with many locations or those with a far reach, edge computing can reduce latency, lower the load on central data centers,

Public Clouds vs. Private Clouds vs. Hybrid Clouds

Cloud computing is already big news, and as remote work continues to grow, the cloud will as well. In fact, public cloud spending is expected to rise 23.1 percent in 2021 alone. Cloud solutions enable employees to access important data and applications, regardless of where they’re physically located. But do

Varjo Reality Cloud + NVIDIA Omniverse = AR of the Future

NVIDIA Omniverse was created with the vision of becoming the world’s digital twin, a massive environment for simulation, collaboration, and modeling.  Varjo’s Reality Cloud is more tightly focused on collaboration but has the advantage of self-generated content that could eventually be used to speed up the growth of Omniverse significantly.

How Does Digital Transformation Work in Business?

We have all heard the buzz about digital transformation, and how its positive impact on the business and projected returns energize businesses big, mid-sized, or small. Whether out of the fear of missing out (FOMO) or intending to improve their competitive edge, companies invest in the transition from manual business

Where AI Can Improve the Supply Chain

Artificial intelligence (AI) is seeping into almost every industry imaginable, and for good reason. It can improve efficiency, lower operating costs, and provide better insights into the business. In fact, when introducing AI into their supply chains, 53 percent of executives saw an increase in revenue and 61 percent saw

Cisco Positions for Infrastructure Spending with Rural Broadband Center

The Cisco Country Digital Acceleration (CDA) program, led by Guy Diedrich, Cisco VP and Global Innovation Officer, is unique in the market. It blends the Corporate Social Responsibility effort with Cisco offerings to help governments connect and advance their citizens and operations on a global scale. Most recently, Cisco pivoted