"Successful Entrepreneurship"

Key factors for successful entrepreneurship outlined

Embarking on entrepreneurship can be exciting yet daunting. Establishing a clear vision, setting attainable goals, crafting a detailed business plan, mastering financial acumen, and maintaining resilience in the face of adversity are key elements that drive success in entrepreneurship. Effective verbal communication, strategic foresight, marketing proficiency, and exceptional leadership are

"Pulsate Growth"

Pulsate partners with William Mills Agency for growth

On May 20, 2024, Dublin’s fintech firm, Pulsate, announced a crucial partnership with North America’s prominent PR firm, William Mills Agency. This strategic collaboration aims to boost Pulsate’s public relation initiatives, leveraging the widespread industry expertise of William Mills Agency. The partnership presents an opportunity for Pulsate to extend its

"Chime Fined"

Chime fined by CFPB for delayed reimbursements

Financial technology firm Chime was recently fined by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) for dilatory reimbursements following account terminations. CFPB’s action highlights its commitment to protecting consumers from financial businesses that don’t uphold fairness and transparency standards. It is also pressing Chime to revise its termination and reimbursement strategies

Casino Security

Top Tech Strategies Boosting Casino Security

Casinos have been around for a very long time. They are widely known worldwide and serve as a form of entertainment and time for millions of people. Traditionally, they’re known for their tight security. Still, in the last year, there have been cyber attacks on some popular casinos, revealing that

AI Electric Buses; commute

8 Ways to Make Commuting Easier for Your Employees

As a business owner, you can do many things to make your employees’ jobs easier and, dare we say it, more enjoyable. Several ideas may have come to mind already (a new CRM, a pool table, a pay rise, perhaps?). However, we bet none have anything to do with ‘the

"Burglar Targets"

Skilled burglar targets Hell’s Kitchen businesses

A shocking video has recorded a yet unidentified man skillfully burglarizing a business in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan. With a black mask covering his face, the intruder deftly bypasses robust security systems and cracks open an industrial-grade safe, stealing expensive watches and high-end jewellery. The crime scene footage reveals the once

Mayfair Boost

Mayfair Days Sales: Boosting Wilmington’s economy and unity in 1972

In 1972, downtown Wilmington, North Carolina, blossomed into a vibrant consumer haven with the advent of ‘Mayfair Days Sales’. Created by Wilmington Merchants Association, this event nurtured local businesses and boosted city’s economy. Not only a shopping spectacle, the event brought in a wave of unity amongst locals, garnering footfall

Innovative Plum

Plum impacts health insurance with innovative features

Meet Abhishek Poddar and Saurabh Arora, the innovative founders of Plum. Since 2019, their fintech solutions have impacted the employee health insurance sector, benefiting over half a million people. Always innovating, Poddar and Arora have expanded the reach of Plum with pioneering features such as comprehensive dental plans, maternity benefits,

"Retirement Security Rule"

Biden-approved retirement security rule triggers mixed reactions

The Retirement Security Rule, recently approved by President Biden’s team, has sparked reactions across the investment advising community. While some view this new rule as a significant stride in solidifying the retirement safety of US citizens, others express concerns over its potential bureaucratic complications. This policy, crafted by the Department

"Financial Stability"

Balancing savings and debt repayment for financial stability

Are you juggling savings and debt repayment? The key to making the right choice could lie in considering several factors like interest rates, financial stability, and your individual financial goals. High-interest debts should be a focus to avoid mounting interest. On the flip side, if your debt has a low-interest