how to get customer testimonials

Effective Ways to Receive and Show Off Amazing Customer Testimonials

What would you trust while purchasing a new product? An advertisement or a customer review? If you chose the latter, you are in a majority. A whopping 81 percent of consumers rely on Google reviews to make buying decisions. (Source). Moreover, customer testimonials have emerged as incredibly valuable tools for

user experience

What is the Difference Between User Experience and Customer Experience

Customer experience (CX) and user experience (UX) – these terms are often misunderstood. Most people think they are the same. The fact is that CX and UX are unique. They both have essential roles to play in the success and loyalty of a brand. It can be said that user

thank-you letters to customers

Why Your Business Should Start Writing Thank-You Letters to Customers

If you believe writing thank-you letters for customers has become an outdated practice, you are mistaken. As a business owner, you might drain all your resources and energy in driving more traffic and finding new leads. In the process, you might be ignoring those who are already your customers and

customer support

Is a Customer Support Job Right for You? 4 Things to Evaluate

If you love communicating and have a knack for solving problems, a job in the customer support domain can be just right for you. A customer support role in a reputed organization can be extremely rewarding. You can not only help your organization achieve its goals but also have a

investment in rental properties

5 Online Tools You Should be Using to Find Investment in Rental Properties

Were you aware that 6.1 million housing transactions were completed in the U.S. last year? Research organization Statista adds the tally was up 500,000 from 2020 when the number was 5.6 million. It adds that the total is expected to dip slightly this year before increasing next year. Are you

data science vs machine learning

Data Science vs. Machine Learning – Two Vital Technologies

Data science and machine learning (ML) are two entirely different concepts but within the same field of technology. They both use data for creating innovative products, services, and infrastructural systems. They both offer careers that are in demand and offer lucrative salaries. One way of expressing the similarities and differences

automation director

What Is the Role and Responsibilities of a Director of Automation

A career in automation can be exciting but also full of challenges. The role of the Director of Automation is a crucial one in any organization. They must work closely with the automation team and managers to deliver various projects on time without any quality issues. In leading organizations, the

integrated risk management strategy

Integrated Risk Management and Its Benefits

Integrated Risk Management (IRM) is about strategizing an approach to IT management and the operational risks associated with it. Experts define IRM as a set of practices supported by a risk management process that helps improve performance and decision-making. IRM is also a measure of how well an organization is

entry level coding jobs

The 5 Top Entry-Level Coding Jobs to Launch Your IT Career

It is not a career secret anymore. You can launch a coding career without years of experience with these entry-level coding jobs. Entry-level coding jobs can be the first step to a career in IT. Likewise, you can take steps towards a higher-paying job by developing and honing your coding