Automation Helps Businesses Meet Changing Customer Demands

Poor customer experience costs businesses approximately $75 billion annually in reputation damage, loss of sales, and reduced customer loyalty. And as customer demands change, businesses are having a more difficult time providing good experiences. Customer experience automation helps businesses adjust to these changing demands and prevents them from hemorrhaging customers

Double-edged AI: An Arms Race Between Defenders and Attackers

Whether artificial intelligence (AI) is beneficial to humanity or a threat to existence is an ongoing debate. And the business world seems just as uncertain. While companies deploy AI to speed up business processes, their competitors are too, and cybercriminals also leverage the technology to steal sensitive and proprietary information.

The Perils of Facial Recognition Technology

If you’ve watched any of the long-running crime dramas like CSI or NCIS, you’ve likely seen facial recognition software lauded as a huge breakthrough in law enforcement technology. However, this facial recognition software is now widely available to the public, and it may not be the blessing that some think

5G, WiFi 6 and the Future of Wireless Connectivity

The rapid progress in digitalization has been driven by advancements in connectivity. From the 1G of the 1980s to the 4G of the last decade, wireless connectivity has helped transform the global economy. Today’s 5G and WiFi 6 technologies offer promising features essential to furthering business efficiency and enhancing people’s

Digital Transformation Success Depends on People

There’s only one constant in the world — as Heraclitus said — and that’s that everything in life is in a state of flux. Modern business and economics are no exception; it’s a reality that organizations face all the time, past, present, and future. We’ve seen businesses, industries, and economies

Remote Work and Mobile Device Security

Remote and hybrid work environments will likely become a permanent business fixture in the post-pandemic world. Such a rapid transformation has been made possible by productivity tools, high-speed connectivity, and the devices that employees use to perform their tasks. However, the increasing use of and reliance on mobile devices comes

Microsoft and Cisco Get Serious about Employee Care – But Could Do Even More

For much of the last decade, Microsoft and Cisco seemed to be on different planets when it comes to corporate social responsibility and employee care. Cisco set out to be a leader in these areas, and Microsoft’s interests, while they shifted from operating systems (Windows) to the cloud (Azure), did

Advantages of SASE over Traditional VPNs

Just under two years ago, Gartner introduced the concept of Secure Access Server Edge (SASE)—a combination of network security and WAN capabilities designed to meet the changing security needs many organizations face. SASE encompasses a variety of different applications, including SD-WAN and cloud access security broker (CASB), offering a ton

Cameyo Could Be the Future of Desktop Computing

Cameyo is one of a new group of companies rolling out virtual desktops hosted in the cloud. I’m following this company because I believe this cloud approach to desktop computing is not only cheaper, more secure, and vastly easier to manage, but also because it represents the likely future of

Managed SIEM vs. Managed Firewall vs. MDR

Despite the billions of dollars enterprises collectively spend on cybersecurity each year, malware remains a huge problem. On average, Google found 600-800 sites infected with malware each week as of January 2021. Many small businesses don’t have the resources or talent they need to protect themselves from the rising threats