IT leaders drug development

The Real Impact of Cloud in Drug Development: Key Learnings for IT Leaders

The pharmaceutical industry has accumulated siloed operations and disconnected data in the quest to bring medicines to patients. For example, in clinical trials, the average company uses five applications to manage operations, and 33% use six or more.1 As life sciences companies embark on digital transformation, they face significant challenges

Creating content is nothing new to most people. And yet, starting to create content for business purposes takes things to a whole new level!

Starting to Create Content for Business: 3 Areas to Consider

Everyone is a content creator. From text messages to social media posts to phone calls, we all generate content in some form or another. Creating content is nothing new to most people. And yet, starting to create content for business purposes takes things to a whole new level. If you’re

top coding careers

The Top 6 Coding Careers

It is a well-known fact that people with excellent coding skills have an easy time dealing with the competition in the challenging job marketplace. So, if you have above-average coding skills, you can explore several career opportunities in coding.  The ever-expanding digital era canvas has helped create numerous job opportunities

remote work productivity

Working Remote Productivity in 2022 – 5 Tips

Many professionals are returning to the office as life and business return to normal in 2022 after the pandemic.  While many organizations are taking up the hybrid working model, some are still continuing with the work-from-home solution that served them so effectively during the lockdown. Organizations and employees have seen

CRM Software Systems

Comparing the Top 3 CRM Software Systems on the Market

Today’s consumer is no longer content with simply getting the best product at the best price. With a large number of choices available to them now, they are far more demanding than that. Today’s consumer is seeking more than a product but an experience. More so than any other generation

how to get a job in cybersecurity

How to Get a Job in Cybersecurity

As the business world becomes increasingly dependent on technology for its smooth and secure operations and the exchange of information, data breaches are happening at a frequent pace. Companies simply can’t afford a data breach because it can put a major spoke in their wheels of progress. In some instances,

help desk support

Top Software for Virtual Help Desk Support and How They Can Help

If you are in a competitive business and when all other factors are the same, you can take that giant leap forward by providing killer customer support. You may have the best products and apply the most innovative business practices. But if your customer support is wobbly, your brand’s success

never to late to start a blog

5 Reasons it’s Never Too Late to Start a Blog

There are millions of blogs out in the world on a variety of topics, from fitness and beauty to automotive and niche blogs on topics some people have never even heard about. If you’ve been wondering if there’s room in the world for your blog, or if it’s too late

how to build an ecommerce website from scratch

How to Build an eCommerce Website From Scratch

In the past, starting a new business from scratch was an uphill task, even for those with some entrepreneurial experience. However, the internet has changed the very basis of business processes. Selling products online can be easy once you know how to set up your eCommerce store. So, let’s find

machine learning jobs

Top 6 Machine Learning Jobs That Will Be In Demand In 2022

Machine learning (ML) has been under the spotlight in recent years in the tech world. It has applications in nearly all fields. Moreover, as it has a diverse range of applications, machine learning jobs have sprouted up in numerous industries. So, with more companies utilizing the machine learning model, there