How Do Social Media Platforms Impact SEO?

seo rankings

In an increasingly competitive environment, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is still holding immense significance. A collection of techniques known as SEO allows you to position your website as high as possible on SERP. To navigate this intricate process, you might consider turning to experts in the field. And the best part is that you can find a company that can craft a strategy anywhere in the world. This is important because if you for example want to break into the UK market, it could be a good idea to consult local experts. For instance, there are SEO companies in Bristol that specialize in helping businesses improve their online presence and climb the search engine rankings.

Note that the issuance of sites in the search also varies considerably with different search queries. In some queries, the site is in the TOP-10, in others, it is not shown at all, although the category is the same. A simple conclusion follows from this: the task of SEO promotion is to make the site being promoted as high as possible in the search results for the necessary search queries. The set of such search queries is also called the semantic core of the site or semantics.

On the example of a car rental site, your semantic core should contain more specific queries such as SUVs cars for rent in Dubai, Ferrari car rental services in Dubai, monthly car rental, and the like. The development of such narrow requests, in addition to more extensive ones such as car rental, and rent a car, will help to appear at the top of the list more often and attract more customers. But, you can promote a site not only with the help of SEO. Social networks are also an extremely effective business tool.

seo rankings

Can maintaining social networks help promote the site at the TOP of the issue?

If we consider the impact of social networks on SEO in terms of increasing the link profile, then we should not expect significant changes. Search engines do not attach much importance to URLs in social networks, so as not to provoke spammers to produce useless links. But working with social networks can help promote the site in other directions, which we will now consider.


When indexing a new site, search engines pay attention to whether the company has social networks. It is rather difficult to say exactly how and how much they affect the indexing speed of a new site. But, the very fact of influence cannot be denied. We have seen this for ourselves many times. When developing new sites, we place a link in the customer’s social networks. Then, the sites are indexed many times faster than usual.


Search engines see that users go to the site not only from their SERPs, as trusted sites, but also from social networks. A trusted site means a site trusted by search robots and users. Accordingly, traffic from such sites is significant for search engines and has a positive effect on the ranking of the resource.

Social response

Search engines do not attach much importance to links to a site in social networks, but likes and reposts of a publication that has your link make a big difference. If search robots see that your resource is of interest to people and evokes a response from them, this significantly increases the weight of your site in the search engine.

Additional traffic

Among other things, in many areas of business from social networks you can bring really targeted traffic. This means those people interested in the company’s product. This contributes not only to an increase in sales. It also goes to an improvement in the behavioral factor, which will positively affect the ranking of the site.

One way or another, the main trend of business promotion in recent years is the most comprehensive approach. Your brand should be everywhere.

social media platforms

Social networks, search results, comments on forums, and marketplaces – working together in these tools will potentially increase the number of your customers. Agree, to refuse it is at least wrong? Most importantly, search engines trust not only themselves but also social networks. If they see that people come to the site from there, then it considers the site to be good. The main thing is that the traffic should not be abandoned, but targeted and of high quality. To do this, you need to work out both the target audience and subscribers in social networks.


Summarizing all of the above, it is important to engage in comprehensive business promotion. If the company is only in one field (for example, it only maintains a website), then:

  • this deprives the company of the opportunity to improve the position of the site and get additional customers from other channels;
  • customers cannot explore the brand in more detail on the sites they are used to.

If you want the Internet to bring you the maximum possible number of customers, then your brand must be everywhere!

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