5 Ways to Grow Your Brand Social Media in 2023

The new year is fully in swing. And while the inspiration and excitement of making New Year’s Resolutions might be long gone, it’s still the perfect time to realign your business and marketing goals for 2023. If you want to focus on improving your brand’s social media accounts, you don’t want to lose steam as time goes on. Instead, keep checking in on your progress and working on the project.

Social media accounts are vital for nearly every business, big and small. Whether you sell wood fireplaces, baseball caps, or business software, you need social media to reach a modern audience and find success.

So, if social media growth is on your agenda this year, you’ve come to the right place.

With some practical tips and renewed focus, you can grow your business’s social media accounts and attract more clients in 2023. 

  • Collect Audience Data

Before you renew and revitalize your social media marketing approach, you need to first start with gathering more information. You likely already have a target audience and some idea of the demographics you’re’ reaching. Still, it doesn’t hurt to pay extra attention to audience data.

To better serve your current and potential clients, you’ll need to know who they are in the first place.

Ensure you know the demographic information of who visits your social media pages. Beyond this, learning as much as possible about current customer engagement is also helpful. Which posts get the most comments? Which social media ads lead to the most sales?

Gather this information, and from there, you can better focus your efforts in the future.

  • Hone Your Brand Story

Do you feel your desired audience isn’t connecting or engaging how you’d like? While this might be for various reasons, your brand story could play a role. You want your branding to reflect the values and tone of your company, but your brand is more than just the logo and products you sell.

To connect with your audience, build a story that is authentic to your organization and feels faithful to your audience.

  • Simplify the Posting Process

Let’s face it. Keeping all your social media channels active and updated takes time and effort. While creating somewhat unique content for each social media network is generally best, you can simplify the posting process by working with third-party apps. Or, consider outsourcing some of the more straightforward work of posting and editing to a marketing company or to contract employees.

  • Delete or Update Old Content

If you’ve had brand social media accounts for a while, it’s likely time you go back and refresh those older posts. You want to ensure there is nothing from the past that might seem outdated or potentially off-putting to clients.

Also, as social media has changed over the years, some of your old posts might not irrelevant or may use unhelpful SEO strategies. Ensure that everything is optimized for current best practices. 

  • Stay Consistent

Finally, consistency is critical if you want to grow your brand’s social media accounts in 2023. Sporadically posting isn’t going to get you more customers. While you don’t want to overpost, you do want to remain active. Otherwise, you won’t keep your current followers interested either.

The good news is that you can improve your social media presence by doing the aforementioned steps. Even if you just post more consistently or update some old content, that’s an improvement worth celebrating.