Google Trends To Watch Out For in 2023

The Google Trends To Watch Out For in 2023

Are you a Google Ads marketer? Are you done planning your marketing strategy for the year? You will surely be interested in knowing the biggest Google Search trends for 2023. Maybe you will tweak your strategy based on the top trends for the year. Here are the five biggest Google trends 2023 will bring.

Google Trends 2023

Cookieless Tracking

The European GDPR was introduced in 2018 to regulate third-party data gathering. It drastically reduced the market reach for many advertisers as the move involved getting user consent.

The scenario is not going to change in 2023. There will be more stringent regulations on data collection and storage. Browsers will keep blocking cookies directly. It is a clear sign that cookies are on the way out. The future of marketing will be cookieless and consented.

In 2023, consent is expected to determine how data is collected. Staring at this unescapable data loss, Google is creating modeling systems to fill in the gaps.

Steps must be taken to future-proof your marketing. You may have to set up privacy-compliant data storage. A privacy-compliant tracking setup may also become a must-have for marketers.

Marketers must adopt privacy-compliant data storage and tracking setups. Future-proofing strategies should also align with evolving regulations, including the DMA law, to navigate the changing data governance landscape.

Google Trends 2023: Incrementality Studies

Incrementality testing is the next big thing Google trends 2023 will bring. Marketing budgets have shrunk dramatically post-COVID. That’s why there is more significant pressure on conversions than ever before. Incrementality testing can help determine the conversions your campaigns achieve exclusively when a user sees your ad. The test results do not consider the conversions that occurred outside the campaign.

Conversion lifts can be easily set up without involving your Google account manager. A/B tests for conversions can be run according to user signals or location. The test-and-learn approach can help boost ad performance significantly, according to Google.

Google Trends 2023: Expanding SERP

The simple and commonly used SERPs or Search Engine Results Pages are all set to change in a big way in 2023. Search will be interactive and have more visuals in the future, say experts. You can expect to see more images in the search results.

Google Multisearch is fueling the trend. This feature allows users to find what they want using images and keywords. You must have seen the changes happening around Google Ads. The ad creation process now urges marketers to insert images into each search ad. It offers a simple yet powerful way of gaining the top position in Google Searches.

The new SERP will come with interactive features like click-to-chat ads. These ads will direct clients/users to automated chatbots to provide product details or customer support.

New Shopping Behavior

There are unmistakable signs that e-commerce and online consumer behavior is fast-changing and evolving.

Plagued by supply chain problems and price volatility for two years, consumers can now breathe a sigh of relief and shop early. For instance, Black Friday deals searches saw a massive increase in an odd season. It is an indicator that seasonal shopping is not restricted to seasons anymore. It is becoming a year-round business.

Additionally, the concept of brand loyalty is waning. Many consumers aver that they are open to trying new brands rather than sticking to their preferred brand to save some money.

Advertisers must note that users spend more time on product research than shopping. It is a signal to them to act fast and effectively. They must show their early presence. The user touchpoints have also increased, making it necessary to initiate a full-funnel strategy. Marketers can use their first-party data to develop a multi-channel approach. Also, brand awareness is taking a backseat while pricing is becoming a matter of greater importance for buyers.

Google trends 2023: YouTube for Sales

Not surprisingly, YouTube is one of the biggest Google Search trends for 2023. Connected TV has seen exponential growth in recent years, and the raging popularity of YouTube Shorts is not showing any signs of slowing down. YouTube now offers a range of video formats attracting more consumers than before.

They also look up to YouTube for product information and reviews. Marketers are looking at YouTube with renewed interest and exploring ways of improving their organic YouTube strategy.

Determining your marketing goal while developing a YouTube advertising campaign is important. The next focus must be on the campaign type. It is crucial to choose one that best fits your objectives. Marketers must focus on creating content that includes all ad types. It can help boost their ROI sharply.

It is essential to realize that YouTube is not about brand awareness only now. The platform is now seeing a lot of shoppable ads. Sales can go through the roof for marketers willing to link Merchant Center to YouTube campaigns.


Marketers are using data to understand be what consumers want in the coming months. You can look inside their brain by finding what they are searching for online. All you have to do is review trends in Google search data. The 8.5 billion searches that Google makes daily hold vital patterns marketers can analyze and use to devise winning strategies.