By The Numbers: September 2002

Microsoft Gains, IBM Falls in Database MarketsThe First in Line for E-BusinessA Tech Thaw?Support Over Service in Wireless SalesJava Tops .Net Among Early Adopters For a detailed view of this month’s statistics, download the PDF file.

The Bottom Line Per … Marvin Balliet

Like many big Wall Street firms, Merrill Lynch spends billions of dollars on technology each year. To ensure its money is being well spent, Merrill employs an unusual management structure: It has a specially designated chief financial officer to oversee its 8,000-person information technology department. Baseline spoke with Merrill’s technology

PeopleSoft Exec: Enterprise Apps Will Converge

NEW ORLEANS—Enterprise software is at about the same stage as desktop software more than a decade ago: It’s time to combine the main applications into unified services, said Ram Gupta, executive vice president of products and technology for PeopleSoft, at the Pleasanton, Calif., company’s PeopleSoft Connect 2002 users conference Tuesday.

Quiz: Would Electronic Product Codes (ePC) Mean Success for You?

  TRUE FALSE My company produces or sells physical goods, not virtual ones. We need to get our out-of-stock crises under control. We would join — and pay fees to — a standards body administering vendor codes. We’re already committed to using XML in our organization. We devote substantial labor

PeopleSoft Users Party in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS—When the boss is away, the kids come out to play. Or at least party. PeopleSoft, the Pleasanton, Calif., marketer of enterprise software, was happy to note Monday that 20 percent more companies sent attendees to PeopleSoft Connect 2002 than they did to the 2001 version. But companies on

Connectivity Woes at PeopleSoft Show

NEW ORLEANS—Chief executive officer Craig A. Conway wants his customers to believe that PeopleSoft is the enterprise software supplier that is most wedded to the Internet. But is it? Visitors to the company’s annual users conference would be hard-pressed to find the practical proof. They couldn’t connect to the Net.

PeopleSoft Seeks Piece of Siebel’s Action

NEW ORLEANS—PeopleSoft, known originally for its human resources software, is taking aim at displacing Siebel Systems as the best-known purveyor of software for managing relationships with customers. Or at least, PeopleSoft will try to take Siebel down a peg or two. At its annual users conference known as PeopleSoft Connect,

Calculating Return on Identity Management

Who gets access to what data, for how long, and for what purpose? The questions are age-old, but as the ways of storing and sharing information increase, so must the answers. Unfortunately, the answer usually requires multiple passwords for the same employee and different access rights for different employees—an administrative

Voice of Experience: Terry Lund, Eastman Kodak Co.

Terry LundDirector, Site Operations and B2B CommerceEastman Kodak Co.Rochester, New Manager’s Profile: Lund has spent his career investigating the mysteries of science. He spent 14 years as a researcher with the nuclear physics lab at the University of Rochester, before moving across town to join the research department at