eSpeed Base Case

Temporary headquarters: 299 Park Ave., New York, NY Electronic Address: Business: eSpeed provides business-to-business electronic marketplace services, primarily in bond trading. The company operates a private trading network, connected to more than 700 financial institutions. Under a joint operating agreement, it also provides all technology services for Cantor Fitzgerald.

Case 004: eBay – Without a .NET

Meg Whitman of eBay and Steve Ballmer of Microsoft were a happy couple when they held a joint press conference on March 12. Ballmer may have thought that the relationship gave Microsoft an inside line with eBay and Whitman for additional business later on. But five months later, eBay, in

Avon Base Case

Company: Avon Products IncHeadquarters: 1345 Avenue of the Americas, New YorkPhone Number: (212) 282-5000Business: Sales of cosmetics, beauty products and fragrances through independent representativesChief Information Officer: Harriet EdelmanFinancials in 2000: $5.7 billion in revenue, $478.4 million in net income, net profit margin 8.4%Challenges: Transform manual, paper-based processes into electronic processes;

The Avon Roster

Harriet EdelmanChief Information OfficerRole: Edelman, a 22-year Avon veteran, rose through the ranks to become CIO in January 2000. She’s done it all, from helping test the site in the eleventh hour of its launch, to helping the company sort out its supply-chain strategy. Len EdwardsPresident and GM, Avon.comRole:

Websphere Works

IBM commerce software running on Sun Solaris servers: Many assume from the outset that the combination is a kludge—if not a disaster—waiting in the wings. Sure, Sun Microsystems and IBM are staunch rivals in selling high-powered servers to corporations. Sure, IBM has its own AIX version of the Unix operating

Counterpunching: Cantor’s Emergency Response

Problem: Connections with customer networks lost While eSpeed’s engine for matching trades remained up and running, all connections to customers’ private networks ran through optical lines at the World Trade Center. Solution: Customers who had overseas offices connected to Cantor’s London data center were rerouted across their own networks to

50% Solution

If you should lose half of your staff at once, the challenge isn’t one of replacement but simple survival. In this case, you can’t go it alone. This is when a career of networking with peers is likely to prove critically important. You’ll need to turn to the technology community

Glaxo’s Cure

With Lotus Notes creator Ray Ozzie as its founder, Groove Networks wins instant enterprise credibility. With Microsoft investing $51 million for a minority stake, its financial credibility is newly enhanced as well. But GlaxoSmithKline, which licensed Groove’s peer-to-peer collaboration system in April, says the product doesn’t yet meet its standards.

By The Numbers: October 2001

Download the PDF file for this month’s charts and statistics, including: Where IT applications budgets are being spentThe growth of ERP and CRM deploymentsThe cost of Internet attacksThe e-commerce fizzle For a detailed view of this month’s statistics, download the PDF file.