United Air Lines Talks New Technology

It’s a grim time to be an airline. People aren’t flying. Almost every major U.S. carrier is parking part of its fleet, cutting routes and losing money. Collectively, the industry lost $7.7 billion last year and is expected to lose another $4 billion this year. It probably won’t break even

WellPoint Switches CIOs (Discreetly)

As the new CIO of WellPoint Health Networks, Ron J. Ponder will have to keep looking over his shoulder. The Thousand Oaks, Calif., insurer is an industry leader in both profitability and use of technology. So, well-credentialed Ponder—a former CIO of Federal Express, Sprint and AT&T—is supposed to keep WellPoint

Time for the Next Manhattan Project

Haven’t we seen enough? Two towers could still be standing, if our intelligence-gathering agencies were able to share what they know with each other, instantly; or were trusting enough of each other to allow reputable researchers to peer into each other’s databases. Here’s just a partial litany of the pitiful

FBI Bureaucracy Hobbles Tech Adoption

In the same month the twin towers fell, supervisors at the FBI’s Computer Analysis Response Team ordered 83 copies of a software program that reveals the contents of images and files deleted from hard drives on personal computers, as well as visits to Web sites and the destinations of e-mail

The NYPD Player Roster

Raymond W. KellyCommissionerKelly, former senior managing director of global corporate security at Bear, Stearns & Co. and the former commissioner of the U.S. Customs Service, was named NYPD commissioner in January. He set as one of his first priorities the upgrading of the department’s information infrastructure. Kelly has spent a

The Birth of CompStat

They just wanted to go home. And they had to figure out what to name the file, before they could close down the computer and head out into the snow. Yet Gene Whyte, John Brancato, Richard Mehia and John Yohe of the New York Police Department had just eight numbers

Gotcha! Extending Existing Systems

Did you know that: If you want to do more with the information in your existing systems, you are opening a can of worms If you want to do more than scrape data off the screen of your older applications and put a Web face on them, you’ll have to

Law-Enforcement Tech: Online Resources

Below is a list of links to reports, congressional studies and sites dedicated to understanding and improving the state of the nation’s law enforcement technology as it relates to crime fighting, the New York Police Department, the FBI and the Office of Homeland Security. CRIME FIGHTING Rand Institute report: “Challenges

NYPD Base Case

Headquarters: One Police Plaza, New York, NY 10038 Phone: (646) 610-5000 Business: The NYPD patrols the five boroughs of New York City. It is the nation’s largest police force, with 40,000 sworn members Top Technology Executive: Deputy Chief John Gilmartin, commanding officer of the Office of Technology and Systems Development

The Disconnected Cop

Murders in New York had fallen to fewer than 675 in 2000, from 2,262 in 1990. Then, a group of homicidal bombers plowed commercial airplanes into the twin towers of the World Trade Center, killing nearly 3,000 people. In an instant, stopping terrorism became a life-or-death mission for local law