Calculating Return on Identity Management

Who gets access to what data, for how long, and for what purpose? The questions are age-old, but as the ways of storing and sharing information increase, so must the answers. Unfortunately, the answer usually requires multiple passwords for the same employee and different access rights for different employees—an administrative

Voice of Experience: Terry Lund, Eastman Kodak Co.

Terry LundDirector, Site Operations and B2B CommerceEastman Kodak Co.Rochester, New Manager’s Profile: Lund has spent his career investigating the mysteries of science. He spent 14 years as a researcher with the nuclear physics lab at the University of Rochester, before moving across town to join the research department at

Web Analysis Tools in Transition

Bill Todd was told his Web analysis software would help him understand his customers better. More importantly, it was supposed to suggest ways he could sell them more products. Not quite. When the owner of Todd & Holland Tea Merchants began using the visitor-profiling feature of his Web analytics package,

Build a Better Power Structure

Build it once and build it big, a director of technology once said of his company’s data center: Better to pay a little extra now than suffer job-endangering downtime later. For some companies, however, that “little extra” can be a big problem. Consider this: The typical data center is built

Network Virtualization: A Primer

What is it? Sun pitches it this way: The computer is the network. That is, to the user, all the resources on the network appear to be part of the computer sitting on the user’s desk. This “network virtualization” effect is achieved by installing software and services to manage the

Accrue Software: Trying to Refocus

Eight Web analytics software companies died last year, and Accrue Software is battling to avoid a similar fate. Accrue replaced most of its senior management and has worked for much of the past year to slow its cash burn-rate. It suffered a $211 million loss in 2001, and slashed staff.

SPSS’s NetGenesis: Taking Intelligence Online

In 2001, SPSS acquired NetGenesis of Cambridge, Mass., with the intention of weaving NetGenesis’ Web analytics software into SPSS’s customer relationship management software. The thinking was that companies will want to track all customers, whether they arrive by foot, phone or the Web. Bill Carson, vice president of application solutions

NetIQ’s WebTrends: Host With the Most

With more than 55,000 customers, NetIQ Corp.’s WebTrends leads the Web analytics market—credit its ability to be one of the first out of the gate with a low-cost Web log analyzer. In fact, it still produces a relatively simple tool that customers can reel in for under $500. In 2001,

By the Numbers: August 2002

A Customer’s CostCyberexposed: Covering Internet LiabilitiesPortal PlaysContinuing EducationPulling the Plug: U.S. High-Tech Exports Decline For a detailed view of this month’s statistics, download the PDF file.

The Keys to Creating a Transformative System

Too many chief information officers devote too much of their time to understanding new technology. It’s a comfort zone for a lot of us—it’s something that’s easy. You can just go to these conferences and spend time with Microsoft or Sun. If you want to hide, this is the place