Software You Need If You Want to Globalize Your Business

As your company grows, it’s only natural for you to want to expand your market. Eventually, you’re going to want to take your business global, but you’ll need the right tools to do it. Although international business fell in 2020 in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, restrictions are lifting

Surviving 2021 With Zero Trust Security

The rise of remote and hybrid working environments in 2020 has also brought a more pressing concern, especially to businesses striving to survive through health protocols and social distancing measures. It has exposed companies to various forms of cybersecurity threats. With the coronavirus pandemic drastically changing the world, we have developed new habits

Using AI to Promote Diversity in the Tech Industry

The U.S. technology industry has historically been dominated by men, specifically white and Asian men. Despite growing interest from women and Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), these diversity gaps haven’t closed much, and they may actually be getting worse. Workplace diversity isn’t just a matter of altruism, not

Where You Should and Shouldn’t Cut Software Costs

IT is expensive to manage and costs are on the rise as remote work becomes the norm. Your business needs more cloud-based software to enable your employees to access the tools and data they need. While it may be tempting to migrate all of your current software to the cloud,

Investing in Customer Experience for a Post-Pandemic Future

A lot has changed in more than a year of remote work and social distancing. The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the world in a number of unprecedented ways, affecting not only workplace environments and social interactions, but also consumer behavior. Our shopping and buying patterns have changed, from necessities to

Cloud Usage is Shifting and Data Center Density Increasing: Report

Cloud computing usage has shifted dramatically away from the public cloud toward a hybrid cloud approach. That was the major finding of the fifth annual State of the Data Center Industry research report from data center professional organization AFCOM, in conjunction with the Data Center World conference. A jump of

Which Parts of Customer Service Can Be Automated?

Customer service is a critical aspect of your business, with bad service experiences causing more than 50 percent of Americans to cancel a purchase they planned on making. However, good customer service can also be tedious, taking up more time than your representatives have in their days. Luckily, artificial intelligence

HP Showcases Security In-Depth With Wolf Security

I’ve been in and around security for much of my life. My family at one time owned one of the largest security tech companies. I worked for Pinkerton, was a sheriff for a time, owned the security for an IBM group, managed a security practice, and have written a great

What Third-Party Vulnerabilities Exist in Your Tech Stack?

In March of last year, SolarWinds fell victim to a breach that went undetected for almost nine months. Because of this breach, approximately 18,000 businesses that used the Solarwinds platform were vulnerable to attackers. Once this vulnerability was discovered, many businesses became aware of the ways their third-party software could

Should You Design Apps to be Mobile-First? The Short Answer is Yes

Most people have a smartphone nowadays, and they’re doing a large portion of their online activity on those devices. In fact, mobile devices made up nearly 55 percent of global website traffic in the first quarter of this year. This means that developers need to take a hard look at