big data solutions

Your Options for Big Data Solutions and What They Can Bring to Your Business

Every growing organization has to deal with the problem of data flowing in at an exponentially increasing rate from a large number of data sources. However, the amount of time available to do something meaningful with that data is reducing. Businesses must develop big data solutions for fast and rewarding

career opportunities in IT management

12 Biggest Career Opportunities in IT Management Currently

The boom in the global information technology industry is not a flash. It is a sustained one, and research certainly shows immense potential in this field. More brands are looking to expand their presence in the IT sector as its importance keeps growing, including career opportunities in IT management.  Naturally,

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How Big Data is Becoming a Game-Changer for Event Marketing 

The impact of digital marketing on various industries is already a much-discussed topic. The good news is that new technologies continue to emerge. They also enable marketers to explore the various features of digital marketing. Certainly, big data is one such emerging technology that’s clearly helping marketers, especially those in

Because SMB owners face so many choices, finding the right software apps, devices, and services for small business tech is often challenging.

4 Tips For Optimizing Your Small Business Tech

You’ve got a business to run, so inefficient or broken-down small business tech is the last thing you want to discover. It can slow operations and stop the team from reaching its goals. Small business tech is one of the cogs that keep the wheel going, and it’s a crucial

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A Brief View into the Benefits and Problems of Data Warehousing

Companies with a presence in multiple locations within the country and internationally have to manage various types of operations. Every type of operation generates some quantum of data. So, corporate decision-making involves accessing information from all such sources. Data warehousing systems provide organizations with the platform for a streamlined data

big data in the cloud computing

Cloud for Big Data – What are the Key Benefits and Drawbacks

Big data is the buzzword in the IT industry. Organizations of all sizes are recognizing the value of data and are using it to quantify performance. Big data can also help recognize challenges and detect new opportunities for growth. There is no denying the numerous benefits of using big data. However,

Today's employment market is tough. Here are three places to turn when you're looking for qualified talent and recruiting has stalled out.

3 Places to Turn When You Need the Best and the Brightest Talent

You’ve been posting jobs to your company’s job board, and applicant counts are low, despite the stellar descriptions in your recruiting efforts. Aside from banging a pot on the side of the road while wearing a sandwich board, what else can you do? Today’s employment market is tough, and even

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Big Data Challenges and How to Deal with Them

Big data challenges are serious issues faced by nearly all organizations. Before we delve deeper into the topic, it is practical that we first comprehend what big data is. Big Data defined by one business may not fit into the definition of the same for another.  At the same time,

what are deepfakes

What Are Deepfakes – Major Opportunities and Threats

New path-breaking digital technologies are being introduced into our daily lives with amazing speed. Some of these make it increasingly difficult to differentiate between real and fake media. Among more recent development adding to the problem is the emergence of deepfakes. What is Deepfake Technology? Deepfakes are hyper-realistic videos. They

cybersecurity risks of your data

Cybersecurity Risks of your Data

The information technology and information security industries are in a state of constant high alert. A series of new and advanced cybersecurity threats are being constantly unleashed by rogue elements. Hi-tech cyberattacks involve machine learning, AI, malware, phishing, and crypto technology. They place the critical data and assets of organizations