Eight Great Geek Vacations

Any self-respecting geek knows a good summer getaway isn’t built around Disneyland or the Grand Canyon or Hawaii, places where the normal, non-techie throngs gather.

Instead, it’s about someplace quirky or scientific or laden with fantasy. Someplace that channels the inner child. Someplace that makes them feel, well, geeky.

IT workers can plan any of the trips mentioned here and count on filling some part of their geeky dreams.

1) Lord of the Rings locales, New Zealand

Numerous tour operators in New Zealand can help you tap your inner Gandalf, offering LOTR day trips with names like “The Quest” and “Trails to Middle-Earth.” You’ll visit such fanciful locales as Hobbiton, Rivendell and Edoras, capital of Rohan. And you can probably pick up some really tasty meat pie while you’re there.

If you can’t afford the flight to Auckland, consider a consolation trip to Philadelphia for a performance of Star Trek: The Exhibition, at The Franklin Institute through Sept. 20.

2) Comic-Con, San Diego

Comic Book collectors who feel they just haven’t quite finished their collections will want to be in Southern California July 23-26, when the 40th annual Comic-Con conference holds fort at the San Diego Convention Center. One highlight: Hellboy creator Mike Mignola will be there talking about the impact of Hollywood on comics.