Month: November 2004

Panama Technicians Found Guilty

Two radiology technicians have been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in applying “super-radiation” to 12 patients at the National Cancer Institute of Panama in 2000

CVS: The Fire This Time

Drugstore retailer CVS Pharmacy has a prescription for the systems running the 1,260 Eckerd stores it acquired over the summer-decommission them by the end of

Patent Spending

Technology companies are aggressively asserting their rights to payments from disputed patents, violated copyrights and abuse of intellectual property. Now, the mayhem is spreading to

What is the Baseline 500?

Drawn from a database of 2,500 publicly traded companies with $100 million in revenue, Baseline has compiled a list of the firms most adept at

Bottom 20: Last, No Blast

It’s not easy finding a silver lining when your productivity is negative. Especially when it’s -4,053.8%. Of the 2,500 public companies ranked to create the

Peer-to-Peer Politics 2008

Who will be the next candidate to harness a new round of computer services and change campaigning? Who can organize grassroots support online and translate

B of A Player Roster

Kenneth D. LewisChief Executive Officer, PresidentLewis earned respect in the early 1990s spearheading the Model Bank initiative, which consolidated “competing” branch banking applications into one