Month: November 2004

Vertex: The Write Stuff

Mark Murcko’s career is based on the idea that you can indeed—platitudes aside—rush genius. In fact, his company’s whole strategy is based on it. So

Roadblock: Consultants

The ObstacleBank of America relied on outside consultants to develop its information systems. While using consultants can be critical for systems development in the absence

Wet Seal: Wrong Call

A year ago, Michael Relich was telling a success story about the virtual private network and Web portal he’d launched as chief information officer of

AgriBeef: Cattle Drive

Casey McMullen found himself in a bind a year ago when he and the executive team at Agri Beef were close to signing a contract

Putting Tasks on the Fast Track

Two years ago, Park University in Missouri couldn’t keep up with the flood of paper swirling into its admissions office—and as a result, it was