What is the Baseline 500?

Drawn from a database of 2,500 publicly traded companies with $100 million in revenue, Baseline has compiled a list of the firms most adept at managing information for competitive advantage. These companies, which range in size and industry, are ranked by Information Productivity, an indicator that gauges how a company manages its most important asset—its information.

The Baseline 500 zeroes in on what a company knows about itself, its customers and its market. How a company manages its information is often the difference between thriving and diving.

Here are some of the articles you’ll find in the Baseline 500:

  • Who Led the Baseline 500 & Why
  • Do It Yourself: Figure Out Your Company’s Information Productivity
  • Where’s Microsoft
  • Baseline 500: Frequently Asked Questions
  • Energy
  • Financial Services
  • Bottom 20: Last, No Blast

    The complete Baseline 500 includes a breakdown of the top 500 users of information teachnology by company size and sector.


    For single copies of the Baseline 500, contact [email protected] or (866) 315-3266 (toll-free).

    Outside the US, call +1 (847) 559-7315.

    For reprints, go to www.fostereprints.com or contact Linda Ragusin, [email protected], (866) 879-9144.