Month: November 2004

Roadblock: Consultants

The ObstacleBank of America relied on outside consultants to develop its information systems. While using consultants can be critical for systems development in the absence

Vertex: The Write Stuff

Mark Murcko’s career is based on the idea that you can indeed—platitudes aside—rush genius. In fact, his company’s whole strategy is based on it. So

B of A Player Roster

Kenneth D. LewisChief Executive Officer, PresidentLewis earned respect in the early 1990s spearheading the Model Bank initiative, which consolidated “competing” branch banking applications into one

Primer: Link-Layer Security

What is it? Imagine you’re driving to a military base. Before you can even get onto the property, you’re stopped and have to prove that

Getting Your Data in Sync

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but order 12 dozen using the wrong product number, and the results are going to