Month: March 2003

Informatica: Driven to Extraction

Where analytics is seen as a data-output service, Informatica came to the scene playing off its strength on the other end of the data warehouse—the

Sympathy for Egreetings

“Teen-agers and young people are a hard sell,” muses a former American Greetings executive. “For them to come to a store specifically looking for a

Rich Web Clients

What is it? We’re not talking about wealthy Internet customers. This is about providing computer users with the same “rich” features in their browser that

Stages of a Card’s Life

This Is Your Life THEN THERE WERE TWO Only two giants are still standing in the greeting-card business. Hallmark and American Greetings Inc. garner 45%

Mark of a Pro

Two days before Thanksgiving, the Cherokee County (Georgia) Sheriff’s Department recovered the body of Roberto Alvarez from the bottom of a four-acre pond at Towne

Making Provisions for Change

With today’s tight corporate budgets, few businesses are committing to the millions of dollars that a full-blown identity-management system can require. This resistance frustrates some

Connecting Cops Generates Static

Leave it to New York. No good move goes unchastised. The day after Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly