Month: March 2003

Past-Forward 2

Time may heal all wounds, but it doesn’t necessarily make for healthy companies. News regarding three of Baseline’s recent Case Studies proves that sometimes things

Little Drive Means Big Drama

When an IBM subsidiary set out to refurbish computers storing data for clients, no one could have anticipated the drama that would follow when a

Fight Spam With Spam

David Black has a crazy idea that just might work. Accenture’s senior manager of security technology thinks the best way to cut down on spam

DPI Scrambles After Credit-Card Theft

When Data Processors International (DPI) revealed in February that an “unauthorized outside party” ran off with more than five million Visa and MasterCard account numbers

Is It Really Time for Real-Time?

One problem with technology today is that nothing ever seems fast enough. “When you move into the electronic world,” says Chuck Moore, WellPoint Health Networks’