Month: March 2003

Can You Trust Your Vendor?

For the next year, you’re going to be joined at the hip with the consultants redesigning your network. You know they can do the job.

PeopleSoft: Power to the People?

It’s no surprise when large enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendors expand into niche markets, and even less of one when claims of functionality seem to

By the Numbers: March 2003

Security in the Web Technology products are increasingly vulnerable to attack, says a recent Symantec report. The Internet security firm documented 2,524 new vulnerabilities last

Is It Really Time for Real-Time?

One problem with technology today is that nothing ever seems fast enough. “When you move into the electronic world,” says Chuck Moore, WellPoint Health Networks’

Mark of a Pro

Two days before Thanksgiving, the Cherokee County (Georgia) Sheriff’s Department recovered the body of Roberto Alvarez from the bottom of a four-acre pond at Towne

Stages of a Card’s Life

This Is Your Life THEN THERE WERE TWO Only two giants are still standing in the greeting-card business. Hallmark and American Greetings Inc. garner 45%

Rich Web Clients

What is it? We’re not talking about wealthy Internet customers. This is about providing computer users with the same “rich” features in their browser that

Sympathy for Egreetings

“Teen-agers and young people are a hard sell,” muses a former American Greetings executive. “For them to come to a store specifically looking for a