Month: March 2003

Gartner CEO: Tech Spending Rebound Next Year

SAN DIEGO, Calif.–The technology spending recovery is coming–next year, says Gartner chief executive Michael Fleischer.“We see a high probability of significant improvement coming to the

SAP Says It’s No. 1 for CRM

SAN DIEGO—SAP AG of Germany maintains it has overtaken Siebel Systems as the world’s largest seller of customer relationship management systems. That’s the contention of

Why Real-Time Analytics May Not Pay

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — Turning your company into a “real-time” enterprise may not be really smart.That is the case, says the consulting firm Gartner, even

Poor Systems Fail Missing Kids

Most of the systems that failed Rilya Wilson were not computerized. When the 6-year-old girl was discovered missing from a foster-care home in Miami, Fla.,

Enron: Shock to a System

Enron entered bankruptcy proceedings more than 15 months ago, but the headaches remain for former partners and employees. Last month, Texas’ El Paso Electric said

Tool: How Much Does a Rich Client Cost?

Browser-based applications make sense because of lower software licensing and maintenance fees. But most corporate applications can’t be duplicated well in a browser. Rich clients