Annoying Employees Who Disrupt Their Co-Workers

Annoying Employees Who Disrupt Their Co-Workers

Annoying Employees Who Disrupt Their Co-Workers

The Mythical Multi-Tasker  Sure, she looks busy, working three devices at once, but she never gets the job done because she can't focus.

They're crass, obnoxious, devious and completely dysfunctional, yet they somehow manage to keep their jobs. In fact, some of them inexplicably climb up the corporate ladder instead of going in the opposite direction. (Go figure.) These so-called "office idiots" are the focal point of the recent book Office Idiots: What To Do When Your Workplace Is a Jerkplace (Career Press/available now). In the book, author Ken Lloyd bases his profiles on real-life office situations. In fact, some of the 10 annoying, mindless office types depicted in the following slideshow may seem so familiar to you that you'll think Lloyd did his research at your company. "These idiots' antics cover a vast spectrum of clueless, misguided, counterproductive and downright inappropriate behaviors," says Lloyd. "When left unchecked, they're not only an annoyance, disruption and distraction; they're also a significant source of performance and productivity issues." Lloyd is vice president of planning and development at Strategic Partners, as well as an author, columnist and speaker.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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