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What Info Security Pros Think About Fake News

Fake news sources are manipulating U.S. politics, and it's virtually impossible to stanch the flow of bogus reports. That's the opinion of most cyber-security experts and industry thought leaders who particip...Read More

How a Lack of Agility Can Derail Business Success

Is the adoption of agile practices strictly "an IT thing" for companies? A recent survey from CA Technologies reveals that this is indeed the case in many enterprises. The resulting report, "The Stat...Read More

How Cognitive Computing Can Fuel Sales and CX

While the majority of sales and marketing executives believe that cognitive computing will emerge as a disruptive sales and marketing force in their industries, relatively few are working with a cog...Read More

The Cloud's Effect on Evolving IT Staffing Needs

The impact of the cloud on IT staffing has become clear: As workloads move to offsite infrastructures, hiring for lower-level IT positions is slowing, while the demand for skills in areas such as analytics, ...Read More

Why IT Managers Are Turning to Freelancers

A growing number of IT department managers reported that the hiring market for technology talent has gotten more difficult over the past year, and the majority of them said they need to hire freelancers to ...Read More

Is a Huge Infrastructure Breach Coming Soon?

The big one is on its way. At least, a majority of cyber-security professionals believe that the nation's critical infrastructure will be hit by a major breach within the next two years. Worse, they also believ...Read More

How Top Performers Get the Right Things Done

While it may sound like a bit of a cliché, the most productive and effective employees don't necessarily work brutal hours. They're just good at working smarter, not harder, according to a recent survey ...Read More

Demand for Tech Talent Continues to Grow

The hiring numbers from the latest TEKsystems "Reality Check," an ongoing state-of-IT report, convey a familiar theme: Employers continue to expand the hiring of IT staff, whether for full-time or contingency worke...Read More

Career-Boosting Qualities of NFL Coaching Legends

If you've been feeling the effects of football deprivation for months now, the long wait is almost over: On Sept. 7, the Kansas City Chiefs take on the New England Patriots, the reigning Super Bowl champs,...Read More

How Digital Leaders Distinguish Themselves

For many organizations, the digital transformation has become an enterprise-wide effort—as much a key business enabler as a technology initiative, according to a recent survey from SAP. The resulting "SA...Read More

Companies Must Deal With Mobile App Headaches

Mobile technology is fundamentally changing the way business is conducted, and mobile apps are increasingly important to employees. In fact, many workers are requesting or suggesting apps for their specific r...Read More

The Hottest Industries & Cities for Software Jobs

Would you believe that the technology industry isn't the fastest growing sector for software jobs? That's according to recent rankings from job site Glassdoor, which lists the fastest-growing industry segmen...Read More

How Data Can Create Customer-Obsessed Companies

Companies in which the CFO and other executives collaborate closely on customer-focused data are gaining a significant competitive edge in their industry, according to a recent study commissioned by Dun & Br...Read More

Companies Struggle to Adopt IoT Security & Privacy

The internet of things (IoT) is rapidly moving into the mainstream of business, compelling organizations to examine and reexamine the fundamental ways they do business and manage technology. Yet,...Read More

How to Make Your Meetings Useful and Productive

What makes the "dreaded meeting" so dreadful? In many cases, it's because very few people actually make a contribution, according to a recent survey from Klaxoon. The resulting "America in Meetings" rep...Read More
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