Author: Brian P Watson

Status Check

: Royal Caribbean’s Portfolio Management “> Status Check: Royal Caribbean’s Portfolio Management How a project manager with Royal Caribbean dealt with his portfolio management vendor’s

Must-Read Books for IT Managers

This spring, new ideas and advice are anything but in short supply. Some of the most celebrated business professors and consultants are out with new

Where Is Cloud Computing Headed?

A huge cloud hangs over the future of IT. After more than a decade of refining the Internet as a marketplace,the business world is grappling

Anti-Social Networking

Anti-Social Networking Companies are getting more business value by integrating social networks into their IT strategies—both Baseline and its sister publication CIO Insight have covered

Cool Cash

Going “green” has become the initiative du jourfor many companies, as environmental campaigns trumpeteco-friendliness and businesses face heightened energy costs.For Wells Fargo, the San Francisco-based

The I.T. Pro’s October Reading

I.T. managers and project leaders have a wide variety of reading interests, based on the top requested stories on our Web site so far this

Fall Reading for I.T. Managers

A few months back, Baseline looked into some interesting picks for beach reading. Now the fall has arrived, along with a new slate of books