Quiz: Do You Need ebXML?

Note: This quiz requires at least Microsoft IE 4.0, Netscape 6.0, or other compatible Web browser.   TRUE FALSE Our company deals with international supply chain partners electronically. We use large, standards-based private exchanges for more than 25% of transactions. We want to include partners with limited connectivity to the

Measuring Up: Tech Stocks

16.34 — 40-year average of S&P index’s price-to-earnings ratio. Yet, the top 5 tech companies are now trading at nearly twice that number. Over the past 40 years, the 500 stocks comprising the benchmark Standard & Poor’s Index have averaged a price-to-earnings ratio of 16.34. At its core, a PE

ebXML Primer

What is it? A collection of standardized message structures and vocabularies for conducting automatic business-to-business transactions using the Internet or e-mail. The acronym stands for electronic business using eXtensible Markup Language (XML). Who came up with it? The United Nations trade-policy group UN/CEFACT and OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of

Learning to Measure Learning

As one Fortune 500 chief information officer puts it, training for employees is like plumbing. “It’s the cost of doing business. You need to keep your skills up to date,” he says. “ROI is probably the hottest thing in the technology learning business. Training managers are being forced to run

Network Impact of a Merger

The diagrams in the download to your left illustrate a series of the tasks companies take on when combining networks after a merger. The download to your right sets out how to plan your network merger project. INTERACTIVE TOOL Integrating networks after a merger? Startplanning now.(Zipped Microsoft Project file) In

Quaker Chemical’s Collaboration Formula

To Cathy Nelson, new technology provides a gift of time: an extra five hours each week, to be exact. That’s the time Nelson, director of customer service at Quaker Chemical, used to lose while handling a frustrating jumble of phone calls and e-mails when a customer wanted to return a

E-Sourcing Vendors: Down, but Not Out

The two market leaders, Ariba and Commerce One, are bleeding tens of millions of dollars, yet vowing to be profitable sometime soon. But at least they’re alive, unlike several rivals from the heyday of Internet sourcing and procurement three years ago. Everyone from farmers to airplane makers to steel companies

Commerce One: Struggling Pioneer No. 1

Times are hard for Commerce One. The company has cut 65% of its staff since October. This month, its chief operating and financial officers both resigned. Commerce One still operates online marketplaces at commerceone.net. But it also has been working to sell its e-procurement software to large corporations to reduce

IBM’s SAP Practice: Win Some, Lose Some

IBM has done SAP installations at 1,900 companies—more than 10% of SAP’s 17,000 customers. It has an unmatched 160-country reach. But here’s the thing: Choosing an integrator isn’t all logic. Gut feel, serendipity and inertia count, too. Alltrista Consumer Products, a $150 million maker of canning jars, didn’t even think

What Price Railroad Safety?

Making the trains run safely and on time is like mom and apple pie. What’s not to love, especially if you can demonstrate that a company will save money by doing so? The reality is that many benefits—like increased security, reduced risk of accidents and improved asset utilization—are often misunderstood,