HP Taps XML for Integration

Think you have integration indigestion? While Hewlett-Packard corporate tackles its mega-merger with Compaq, smaller groups within HP have been wrestling since well before the merger with hefty integration efforts of their own. Though small by comparison, they’re massive by most scales and involve some of the latest Web integration tools

Quiz: Is Your Project at Risk for Disaster?

In “Managing Project Uncertainty—From Variation to Chaos” (M.I.T. Sloan Management Review, Winter 2002), three business school professors describe a continuum of risk onto which they say every project falls. Take this quiz, created by Baseline, to find out what risks your project faces—and what management techniques you’ll need to combat

Quiz: Do You Need a Native XML Database?

  TRUE FALSE My company generates documents and data in XML format. We use e-commerce applications based on XML. We have terabytes of content that we need to index. The formatting of our data is as important as the data itself. Note: This quiz requires at least Microsoft IE 4.0,

Random Radio Waves Around Wall Street

A year ago, the idea would have seemed a relatively innocent exercise of freedom of the press—and the freedom to move about this country. But sitting in a deli a few steps from the New York Stock Exchange, mixed feelings were the order of the day. Across the tiny table

Best Buy: May Day Mayday for Security

You could call it a security Mayday. Imagine Best Buy’s surprise when it found on May 1 that customers’ credit card data and other transaction information at some of its 1,900 stores had been left vulnerable to electronic snooping, thanks to the use of portable point-of-sale (POS) terminals connected to

Deciding Whether to Build or Buy Order Management Software

These charts walk through the processof deciding whether to build a seriesof ordering applications in-house or tobuy them. In this scenario, a continuous-flowmanufacturer wants to improve its order fulfillment andinventory-tracking processes and to openthem to customer and supplier networks. Compare your options using our three-step spreadsheet tool, available as an

Measuring Up: Turn Out the Lights, the Party’s Over

Rumors of renewed economic growth haven’t reached the enterprise software market. And according to analysts at business research firm AMR Research, sales of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems—software suites that manage corporate finances, purchasing, orders and inventory—have entered for the first time what may be a permanent period of decline.

The U.S. Steel Player Roster

Thomas UsherChairman and CEO Usher, chairman and CEO of USX before the company was split into U.S. Steel and Marathon Oil on Jan. 1, has led the steelmaker’s expansion into several new markets. He began with U.S. Steel in 1966 when he joined the company’s industrial engineering department. Roy DorranceVice

The Bottom Line Per … Glenn Bonner

MGM Mirage’s Glenn Bonner is responsible for the information systems running at the Las Vegas-based hotel and gaming company, which owns or manages 19 casinos in the U.S., Australia and South Africa. He oversees a staff of 220 with an annual budget of about $25 million for operations and another