Invisible VS. Intrusive: Guess Which Wins

It’s accepted fact that Wal-Mart Stores blew past Kmart and other discounters largely because pickup-truck driver Sam Walton pioneered the use of technology to improve his “supply chain.” Based on bar codes, he collaborated with vendors to speed goods to shelves, track them on their way out and quickly restock

Outsourcing Overseers Needed

Amid all the commotion about onshore, offshore and nearshore offshoring, you may want to become a “CRO” next. It’s a position that will be needed inside an organization, no matter where work is performed. CRO is short for Chief Resource Officer, a title coined by the Outsourcing Institute of Jericho,

Quiz: How Big Is Your Thirst for SODA?

1. Our organization is starting to make extensive use of Web services. TRUE FALSE 1. 2. 2. We recognize the need for greater discipline in application development. TRUE FALSE 1. 2. 3. Our previous attempts at reusing code and software objects have been failures. TRUE FALSE 1. 2. 4. Even

How Relief Agencies Hook Up From the Field

For humanitarian organizations such as Catholic Relief Services and CARE that bring food, medical care and other assistance to places like Africa, good communications network improve their ability to coordinate relief efforts, reorder supplies, and report problems and progress back to their home offices. But simply securing communications lines in

Dossier: Proxim Corp.

By any measure, 2003 was a breakout year for many wireless-communications companies. For Proxim, it was a year of trying to put the pieces back together. Proxim replaced its chief executive officer, closed two out of three manufacturing facilities, and cut its workforce in half-to 330 workers. The wireless local-area

Gotcha! Lightning Strikes

Even for organizations back in the U.S., the environment can be hazardous. In 2000, Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union’s data center took a direct hit from lightning. A bolt to a 480-volt utility cable leading into the building vaporized the Tampa facility’s electric meter and left the service panel twisted

United Nations: On a Mission

The U.N. mission in Sierra Leone has equipment at various sites around the country to support its peacekeeping operation. Here’s a look at some of the technologies deployed to the outposts mentioned in the Baseline Case Dissection “On The Edge of Peace.” View the PDF — Turn off pop-up blockers!

Roadblock: Who’s In Charge?

The Obstacle With information-processing and networking equipment converging at a quickening pace, deciding whether a technology should be handled by a computer department or a communications unit is a sticking point for many organizations. Within the U.N., for example, there’s long been a division between the “comms guys” and the

UNAMSIL: Base Case

Headquarters: Mammy Yoko Hotel, Freetown, Sierra LeoneMission: The U.N. helped bring an end to this West African nation’s civil war in 2002, and U.N. personnel are now charged with keeping the peace and helping the central government regain control over the country.Top Technology Officer: Jason Mayordomo, chief of information technology

UNAMSIL: The Player Roster

Jason MayordomoChief of Information Technology for the Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO); Communications and Information Technology Director for Mission to Sierra LeoneMayordomo—a Filipino originally educated as a mining engineer—and his UNAMSIL team oversee the purchase, deployment and maintenance of all computer and communications equipment used by peacekeepers in Sierra Leone.