Baseline Issue December 2008


IT Trends for 2009
In today?s tough economic environment, many organizations are stretched to the limit in terms of people, resources and budgets. To deal with this situation, forward-thinking enterprises are turning to information technology to help them maintain and enhance their competitive advantage in the marketplace. These technologies include SaaS, virtualization, mobility, green IT, security, social networking, Web 2.0, document management and e-discovery, project management, and Web and video collaboration.

Championing the Enterprise
Recognized worldwide for his work on organizational change, management issues and re-engineering, Jim Champy is now focusing his attention on helping companies deal more effectively with competitors, customers, employees and business execution issues. Read his advice to Baseline readers.

Taking Control
It?s not easy dealing with 100,000 help-desk calls every year. But that?s what Houghton Mifflin Harcourt must do. To speed the troubleshooting process, the publisher installed clientless remote-access tools that enable its tech-support team to take control of customers? computers.

Building a Governance Foundation
IT management needs an overarching governance model to ensure that investments in technology generate business value and mitigate risks. Such models define the overall structure, policies, processes and relationships that are necessary to provide the desired level of standardization and consistency across an IT organization.


CIOs Must Deal with Social Networking
IT execs can?t turn their backs on social networking technologies, but they have to establish workable policies and safeguards.

The New IT Alignment Gap
The gap between application development and IT operations management is causing unplanned cost, risk and disruption.

The ?Ten Demandments?
Organizations should channel political energy into energy that will lead to positive outcomes.


Being Green Comes Naturally
Burt?s Bees implemented its virtualization strategy to save energy, money and the planet.


Insuring Good Connections
An internal claims management system enables Chubb Group to share critical information with its agents.


POS Solutions Pay Off
These systems help businesses cut operating costs, track inventory and improve supply chain efficiency.


Ranking Hardware Proposals
Before sending out a request for proposal, you need an agreed-upon rating system that is fair and objective.


Facebook?s Anti-Social Networking; Younger Workers Have a Bad Work Rep; Browser Beware: Clickjacking Is Coming


Eileen Feretic: Nothing to Fear?
Most of us are facing 2009 with a mix of anxiety and hope.

Michael Vizard: Leveling the Developer Field
Expect a nuanced approach to global software development.

Jack Santos: What Can IT Expect in 2009?
The key words are energy, economy and employment.

David Strom: Putting Together Your 2009 To-Do List
Here are some suggestions for improving your IT efficiency.