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Who Can You Trust?

Monitor-maker ViewSonic did not see this one coming. A network administrator it once employed was arrested last month for hacking into the monitor-maker’s network and

Connecting Cops Generates Static

Leave it to New York. No good move goes unchastised. The day after Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly

Can You Trust Your Vendor?

For the next year, you’re going to be joined at the hip with the consultants redesigning your network. You know they can do the job.

Making Provisions for Change

With today’s tight corporate budgets, few businesses are committing to the millions of dollars that a full-blown identity-management system can require. This resistance frustrates some

Quiz: Should You (Mis)Trust Computers?

  TRUE FALSE We use e-mail to authorize purchase orders and other financial documents Our network supports many remote and mobile workers Employees carry highly

Trusted Computing

A Trusted Computing hardware identifier may be able to tell whether a device has started up securely, but not whether the programs on it are

How Autotote Insider Rigged the System

Serious handicappers betting on ponies know they’re always bucking the odds. But the rigging of the Pick Six payoff at the Breeder’s Cup championship showed

Testing for Web Site Vulnerabilities

Most organizations only react to security threats, and too often, only after damage has been done. But patching a system won’t recover stolen data, recoup