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Getting a Handle on Biometrics

What is it?In today’s usage, technology that uses unique biological attributes, such as fingerprints or iris patterns, to identify a person. How does it work?A

Enron: Security Woes, Too?

Protecting a company from external computer hackers is not a job for the faint of heart. Even when the attacks are routine, it’s tough, and

By the Numbers: March 2002

Security Attacks Rise, Breaches Kept at Bay Who’s Attacking? Infrastructure: From Whom to Buy? Fancy Isn’t Frivolous: HTML vs. Text E-mail Web Services Wait Storage

Health Care’s Napkin Network

INTERACTIVE TOOL Cost out a data exchange network (Excel)A time line for implementation (Microsoft Project 98 file).PDF download of both  Although security was the official

NEHEN Base Case

Organization: New England Healthcare EDI Network (NEHEN) Headquarters: Waltham, Mass. Phone: (781) 890-7446 Business: Cooperative electronic medical records network involving health care providers and payers