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By the Numbers: September 2003

States vs. Cyberterror:Where is it a Crime?If information security used to be about preventing teenage hackers from breaking into corporate networks, 9/11 changed that. Since

How To Manage A Globally Staffed Project

Managing the development of new software and deploying systems gets more complicated the more spread out the resources. If your applications are developed in Bangalore;

Economic Security: The Gut Effect

Will the movement of high-paying technology jobs gut the U.S. tax base? In all likelihood, the impact will be muted. estimates 800,000 back-office jobs

National Security: Off The Radar

The loss of high-paying jobs to other countries isn’t viewed as a national security issue yet, but that may change. If information technology is increasingly

Leaping, Then Looking

Chris Heim knows he’ll have to eventually send some of his product development work to India, China or some other country. The chief executive of

September 2003 Online Extras

24/7 SERVICES The Coming Commoditization of Compensation (Topline Online Exclusive) 1.4 million U.S. jobs will be moved offshore by 2015. Find out where, why and