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AMR Research: Earning Respect

Steve Hammond, vice president of information services at Plasti-Line, views AMR Research as an important ally in achieving his company’s business goals. When Hammond undertakes

Gartner Inc.: Biggest and Broadest

Gartner Inc. is to the technology analyst industry what IBM is to computer technology. It’s a fitting comparison considering the company’s origins. Gartner was founded

Meta Group: Winning Hearts and Minds

Looking to differentiate itself from market monolith Gartner, Meta Group has chosen specialized customer service as its defining trait. Meta calls this “cultivating client intimacy”—but

Major Changes at Mini

Adrian Van Hooydonk talks about the Mini Cooper as a “jewel in the box” that BMW bought when it paid 800 million pounds for Britain’s

General Motors Base Case

Headquarters: 300 GM Renaissance Center, Detroit, MI 48265 Phone number: (313) 556-5000 Business: GM is the world’s largest auto manufacturer. It produces cars and trucks

GM: A ‘Virtual’ Automaker?

While automakers long have relied on suppliers to help them design and deliver parts, the Cadillac CTS is the first GM vehicle where a supplier

Gotcha! Inter-Company Development

Did you know that: The first choke point is bound to be your network plumbing. Especially when replicating large files for engineering and design. In