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Is This Really Progress?

As we wade deeper into digital technology, it’s clear that we’re rocketing forward in one area, while we’re heading backward in another. On one hand,

Tech Industry Supports Sustainability

President Donald Trump’s announcement that the United States will pull out of the historic Paris climate agreement has sent shock waves around the world. Although

Data Privacy Needs to Get Real

Data privacy seems to be one of those issues that receives a lot more lip service than action. For example, a recent YouGov survey showed

One Solution to Two Big Problems

We hear a lot about the shortage of technology talent to meet the needs of businesses that are striving to digitize their operations. Another problem

Who Hears the Echoes?

The number of Amazon Echo units in circulation has now reached more than 5 million. Approximately half of the device users rely on the system

UC Unifies Digital Tech and Employees

The road to digital transformation is littered with plenty of obstacles. But amid all the discussions about various strategies, technologies and approaches lies this fact: