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Ada Lovelace: A Tech Pioneer

Although women have begun to filter into the tech field over the last couple of decades, the state of affairs is still appalling. The Council

Is Biometrics Really Better?

As organizations look to navigate out of password hell and ratchet up security, there’s a growing focus on biometrics. To be sure, enormous advances are

Is It Time to Drop the “I” in IT?

As the digital age unfolds, it’s increasingly clear that the concept of IT—and what the enterprise IT department oversees—is changing. Although information is at the

Futuristic Tech Is Getting Real?Fast

The rapid and accelerating pace of technology change has finally reached the mindboggling stage. As a business and technology writer, I’m not easily impressed by

The Drones Are Here!

One of the amusing and sometimes annoying things about technology is dealing with the inevitable hype cycle associated with any new device. Drones fly near