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What Will Drones Deliver?

Amazon’s announcement that it plans to deliver packages via drones is both incredible and disturbing. On one hand, imagine receiving your new panini press or Duck Dynasty DVD set

Flawed Thinking

A few weeks ago, I chronicled a problem with one software application that led me to ditch it in favor of another. But it has

A Five Star Failure

Certain things are entirely predictable. One of them is that some people will eventually test the boundaries of any system (and sometimes blatantly cheat) in

Balancing the ‘Scale Paradox’

By John Lucker Historically, large businesses have behaved and functioned differently than small and midsize organizations, even within the same industry. Smaller firms often had

You Have My Word … Trust Me

If a person is dishonest in their personal life, can they be trusted to behave honorably in their professional life? This question is asked over