Author: Faisal Hoque

Mobility Can Energize Your Business

By Faisal Hoque Mobility, intuitive cloud-based tools, smartphones, tablets and social media have forever transformed global business ecosystems. Today, no one is tethered to a

Blueprint for Business Survival

There is a global transformation underway that represents extraordinary risk. Business strategies that embrace new socio-economic models and couple powerful, far-reaching new technologies, are transforming

Social Networks For Social Change

Positive social changes in today’s post-industrial knowledge economy often are driven by a combination of the power of technology with the power of mass human

Transforming Data Into Information

Transformation is an enterprise-wide activity, and the first step is to get a clear picture of the entire enterprise. Most large organizations have used a

Business-Driven Technology Strategies

Business technology executives have different notions about what comprises a technology strategy. Most of these notions are wrong. For some, it means high-level summary statements