The Best AI Tools for Content Marketing in 2023

AI content writing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is proving to be a technology with immense value for many industries. AI in content marketing especially has proven to be a game-changer.

It handles a lot of tough marketing challenges – from analyzing vast volumes of data to providing critical insight and creating captivating content; AI is quickly changing the structure and approach of content marketing campaigns.

Your content marketing campaign can also benefit from using AI and gaining more teeth. But you must know what AI tools you leverage to achieve your content marketing goals.

HubSpot SEO

HubSpot offers one of the best-rated AI-powered SEO tools. The system comes with actionable recommendations to optimize website content for searches by your target audience.

With HubSpot SEO, users can revise older content and make it meet the present search algorithms. They can also access data to know the impact of SEO changes on the results.

Also, if you are redoing your website, the drag-and-drop tool can come in handy to optimize your site and help improve the way it attracts and converts prime prospects.


There is a huge increase in demand for video content among consumers as they find videos more engaging and informative. Marketers are using videos to show how their brands can make a difference to consumers in various aspects of their lives. In fact, a large number of prospects want brands to create video content to showcase their USPs and educate buyers.

Brand managers can use Descript to create stunning videos and edit them for impact. Even those without any knowledge of video making or editing can use this user-friendly tool and impress their audience.

Companies looking to create quality videos at scale but with budget constraints can rely on Descript to help them achieve their goals.

Freepik’s AI Tools

Content is constantly on the move, and in this highly competitive visual landscape, only the best will do. Freepik is an AI-powered platform dedicated to empowering the greatest ideas with efficient visual solutions, making those lightbulb moments become a reality, all while keeping decision-makers in the driving seat.

Freepik’s AI image generator is an online text-to-image tool that interprets word for word the most detailed prompts, enabling anybody to create stunning hyper-realistic visuals for online content and campaigns.

Further still, Pikaso AI Art Generator is an AI tool that enables users to blend artistic expression and text prompts to develop photorealistic visuals in real-time, ideal for developing complex visual concepts in a collaborative setting.


Writer is a game-changing AI platform in the content and automation tool genre. It is an AI content creation platform with a wealth of features that can help content management professionals do a great job in their marketing efforts.

Writer allows the incorporation of brand terms, style rules, and messaging clips to bring a heavy dose of creativity to your brand promotion efforts.

With Writer, you can create compelling posts for your ad copy, blog posts, emails, social posts, FAQs, and support responses, or FAQs.

Writer’s Chrome extension helps achieve real-time recommendations for brand style and clarity. The autocorrect tool makes typos history. This is a must-have tool that can make life easier for content marketers.


This AI-powered grammar disciplinarian can make an excellent but aggressive grammar teacher. Grammar is very good at catching mistakes, especially typos and grammatical errors. It is a bit casual while catching the little nuances of the language.

One thing that Grammarly can do better is suggest replacements for words that are commonly used in written conversations.


Wordsmith is yet another popular tool that pushes your content marketing efforts to a different level. With Wordsmith, you can put your data-driven marketing efforts on autopilot. The tool helps create content templates that turn spreadsheet data into logical content.

It’s an ideal tool for those who are into data research. It can creatively transform the draft generated by the natural language generation (NLG) software into a language that connects with your audience on a practical and emotional level.


If you want to create a content strategy that’s truly robust and effective, try BrightEdge. It is designed to give you an edge over competitors and provide impressive returns on your marketing strategies.

This is one of the best AI platforms for the success of your content marketing campaign. For example, it can help you find high-value keywords and rich and high-volume content that ranks highly in SERPs. BrightEdge provides effectively optimized content to increase your website’s visibility, traffic, and user engagement.


Having trouble creating catchy and smart social posts that resonate with your audience? Jasper can make it possible. When your team is low on creativity and unable to come up with creative posts, you can trust Jasper to come to your rescue. All you have to do is use a prompt, and the AI tool will churn out short-form content that serves as the starting point for your writers.

Want to do the same for your audiences that don’t speak or understand English? Jasper can deliver the same results for your creative teams in their native languages. Jasper complies with many platforms and will ensure a smooth job for your content needs.


The AI content tools we have researched and presented here are guaranteed to simplify various aspects of your content creation process, including complex ones. You can deploy one or more AI tools in your content marketing strategies.

AI solutions can transform your content marketing approach dramatically, but a word of caution is necessary. It can take a lot of time and effort to incorporate them into your processes and achieve the desired results. The bright side is that most AI programs have user-friendly designs and involve simple and quick onboarding steps.