How Is AI Used In Marketing?

ai marketing

The development of big data and advanced analytic solutions allows marketers to get a clear image of target audiences. Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is at the core of this advancement. AI understands the communication process and uses data and profiles to deliver messages personalized to the customer. Also, all this is done without any intervention of team members.

What Is AI Marketing?

Artificial intelligence marketing (AI Marketing) is the process of combining data and AI concepts, such as MI or machine learning to predict the customer and take steps to improve their buying experience.

Marketers can take their campaigns to the next level by using insights from big data and also improve ROI without going beyond their budget.

This is just a brief overview of AI marketing, but for technology with such far-reaching effects, there is a lot more to it. Let’s take a closer look at the basics of AI marketing.

Basics of Artificial Intelligence Marketing

1. Big Data

Big data refers to the ability of digital marketers to amass and segment large sets of data and use them to ensure the deliverance of the right message at the appropriate time.

2. Machine Learning

Digital marketers use machine learning platforms to decode the colossal data repository. It helps identify trends and predict frequent insights, responses, and reactions. So, marketers can know more about specific repetitive actions by analyzing everyday occurrences.

3. Powerful Solutions

AI marketing platforms can quickly find illuminating concepts and themes from massive data sets. Like humans, they can also interpret emotions and communications. These platforms can thus understand the content on open forums such as social media. Additionally, they can decode natural language.

AI Marketing Challenges

Many seasoned marketers may not be aware of the best ways of integrating AI marketing into their processes. That’s because AI tools are still nascent and have a long way to go to realize their full potential. This springs up a few challenges for marketers.

1. Getting the Nod From Businesses

Many participants are not sure of the value that AI investments could bring to their businesses. Additionally, marketing teams must be able to provide a measurable qualitative value of AI investments to get the nod from clients. So, they must convince the stakeholders how AI marketing can help in performance improvements in customer experience and brand reputation.

2. Dealing with Deployment Issues

As marketing teams stay focused on AI deployments, they must also understand the best practices for specific solutions they want to implement. This entails working with AI deployment specialists and training team members to adhere to best practices.

3. Data Privacy 

Organizations must make sure they are staying on track with data privacy regulations while implementing AI marketing solutions. So, the practice of ethical data usage must be implemented at all levels.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence Marketing

1. Improved Marketing ROI

Marketers can incorporate AI to make their campaigns more powerful through data insights.

AI platforms can help marketers make smart decisions on:

  • Fund allocation across various channels
  • Placement of high-performing ads
  • Planning and implementing marketing programs with enhanced value
  • Allocating budget intelligently

2. Custom-Made Content Delivery

With AI marketing, digital marketers completely transform the handling of data and targeting. Audience analytics can transcend conventional levels and help understand people on an individual basis. Likewise, AI can be used to identify potential customers and provide them with the most relevant content.

3. Better Campaign Reporting

Marketing campaigns can generate vast amounts of data. But, marketers find it tough to collect and analyze such large volumes of data. By utilizing AI-enabled dashboards, they can get a detailed assessment of the elements that deliver results. Also, the same is used to replicate those patterns and fine-tune campaigns suitably to boost campaign success.

How Businesses Are Leveraging AI Marketing in Their Processes

AI Marketing can be used for marketing in different ways. It can be done through personalized messaging, smarter ads, and more intelligent searches. Also, chatbots and predictive analysis are other elements of AI marketing that digital marketers can leverage to make their campaigns more powerful and strategic.

Personalized Messaging

Artificial intelligence helps in the development of programmatic advertising. So, organizations can use AI to put their campaigns within ad spaces most relevant to their target audiences and in real-time.

Smarter Ads

Account-based solutions have already made ads better than what it was a few years ago. With AI, marketers can take this information further for more insightful analysis. To craft targeted ads, AI solutions can look for keyword searches, social profiles, and relevant online data.

More Intelligent Searches

While technology solutions are growing more intelligent, one must remember that audiences are getting smarter too. They can find what they are looking for faster and more efficiently. Also, AI and big data solutions can be used for analyzing specific search patterns and help marketers identify the areas they must focus on.

Relying on Chatbots

AI has already started playing a vital role in the areas of customer service and retention. AI bots likewise are being deployed to handle chat functions and engagement with customers. Moreover, this can help save employee time and save money too.


While what we have explained above may sound too good to be true, there is no denying the fact that AI marketing is a game-changer. It helps marketers implement innovative AI marketing solutions. They can take over most tedious and repetitive jobs and help marketers get a grip on their strategies and efforts.

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