Month: December 2011

The Consumerization of IT Continues

Trend 9: The Consumerization of IT Continues Weaved throughout our trends is the ongoing influence andpressure being exerted by the expansion of consumer technology?social, mobileand

The Marketing Tech Revolution

Trend 2:  The Marketing Tech Revolution It?s a perennial complaint in the business world: We need toincrease marketing. But that sentiment is not usually connected

Business Intelligence and Big Data

Trend 5: Business Intelligence and Big Data More than a third of midsize and larger organizations areboosting their deployment of business intelligence (BI) or business

Development of the Customized Cloud

Trend 7: Development of the Customized Cloud Cloud computing will continue on a tearing pace in 2012?nosurprise there. But based on our data, we expect

Hardware Investment Continues

Trend 10: Hardware Investment Continues ?One of the difficulties that we?ve had is rapid growth?notjust student growth but data growth,? says Bob Diveley, executive director

Business Ethics Is Not an Oxymoron

Business ethics can be a tricky area because thepoint of business?to produce a profit?often conflicts with what mightreasonably be considered ethical behavior. Ethicists rarely have

Managing Through a Meltdown

The word “restructuring” can give any IT leader insomnia. But what if you’re the CIO of a major, multinational financial services corporation? What if your

Five Steps for Effective IT Policy Management

The explosion of public information accessiblethrough cloud computing, social networking, mobile data and free software,along with intensified security and regulated compliance requirements, makes ITpolicy management